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Synonyms for compliant

Synonyms for compliant

willing to carry out the wishes of others

Antonyms for compliant

disposed or willing to comply

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In this paper we make efforts on the experimental analysis of the vibratory alignment and the insertion of peg-in-hole, when the peg is compliantly supported and the bushing is immovably attached on the platform of an electrodynamic shaker.
Then the Durham captain compliantly drove Shreck into the hands of cover to take the bowler to within two of the 40 wickets taken so far by the top flight's pacemaker Harmison.
Nash drove the former Australia fast bowler to short mid-off and Murray Goodwin could make no headway before compliantly hooking Shahzad straight into the hands of deep square-leg.
techniques, Sterling Green's staff are able to assist a client compliantly and
Animals that don't normally let Laks-Callahan or Weiner groom them lie compliantly while autistic children stroke their coats.
The device connects rigidly at the foot, and more compliantly elsewhere in order to prevent abrasion, allowing the wearer to squat, bend, swing from side to side, twist, walk and run comfortably on ascending and descending slopes, and step over and under obstructions while carrying equipment and supplies.
But Trent Lott had already abandoned most of his conservative principles and was compliantly supporting most of the Bush internationalist, big government agenda.
He admits that `some of the union members had reservations initially, fearing that it was a way of softening them to negotiate more compliantly.
Merck GHI's investment will allow Exostar to enhance and expand its HIPAA-compliant solutions that help pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, and others in the industry securely, productively, and compliantly collaborate with one another to develop new drugs and therapies and deliver the best possible patient care.
The article notes that the firm, which has offices in Los Angeles and San Diego, also teaches auto dealers how to advertise compliantly, particularly in digital advertising.
Compliantly combine L&Q payment and performance data with full credit (e.
Broad's second spell either side of lunch read 6-4-5-1, his wicket coming after Cook brought a second slip in from the off-side ring to the new batsman and Virat Kohli compliantly followed a touch of movement off the pitch to be neatly caught by Bell.
Nonetheless, lenders still had to find effective ways to compliantly complete appraisals amid numerous ever-changing rules, regulations and guidelines.
Amid the solemnity of the occasion, Blackburn played their part as fall guys compliantly, granting David Wheater the freedom of their penalty box to plunder his first Premier League goals since 2008.
But a counter-statement by MEA administration said the company had taken measures compliantly with effective laws.