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Synonyms for complexify

have or develop complicating consequences


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make complex

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Advancing and maintaining complexity is clearly a core component to defining the purposeful nature of animate matter, and remains applicable as life transitions from prokaryotic to eukaryotic unicellular organisms and to more advanced multicellular life forms, imbuing a richer sense of purpose as these systems complexify.
Yes, I agree with Kelsey that there is a need to complexify the term, and yes, there is a need to resist too strident systematization.
The process of evolution, rather than merely maintaining and reproducing dynamical form, exhibits a spontaneous tendency for its dynamics to diversify and complexify these forms, both intrinsically and in their relationship to their contexts" (p.
L2 writing research seems at times oddly insular, not even referencing work in second language acquisition much, not to mention other contemporary thinking that might help both to clarify and complexify our project.
Although complexify of a model is in itself not bad, it is usually worth tolerating an increase in model complexify only if there is a worthwhile gain in model performance.
Shulman surveys his prophets seriatim, chronologically, as his authors increasingly trouble and complexify their visions.
This clustering allows us to explore what the maps can mean as a body of data and how the maps themselves complexify the categories.
The element that would typically complexify a traditional inter vivos trust is the inclusion of future interests, which carry trusts out of the sphere of spot transfers and into the sphere that we shall call anticipatory transfers--an area demanding greater formality for additional reasons, as we shall presently see.
Further exploration of original plural unity in Rahner, with Schelling as an interlocutor, could complexify the idea, particularly with respect to sin.
Wilbanks by highlighting the importance and process of gatekeeping, Julea Ward's and EMU's roles in the case, and the complexify and confusion around the events and outcome.
The combined approaches in the volume help complexify intersectional approaches, elaborating the way in which gender intersects with other axes of inequality.
Two Sides" continued to complexify, ending with a humorous, crowd-pleasing piano-versus-piccolo ending.
6 above) complicates the legal meaning of avouer in the legal sense; the two instances and meanings complexify each other much in the same sense that both meanings of the word come into play in the seventeenth century.
A simple way to construct such a group is to take a finite real reflection group (or, equivalently, a finite Coxeter group together with its natural geometric realization) and to complexify it.
To complexify even further, to mean well does not absolve people from being responsible for very bad things; as they say, 'the road to hell is paved with good intentions'.