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a sentence composed of at least one main clause and one subordinate clause

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Complex sentences (one simple sentence, with additional dependent clauses):
For sentence structure, peers can identify how many simple, compound and complex sentences were used and make a judgement about the appropriateness of the sentence types and their role in the text.
HAPs get prompts suggesting the use of sensory description, complex sentences, discourse markers etc.
These are the vital building blocks for future education and include spelling, beginning to use grammatically complex sentences and joined-up handwriting.
All the manuals on good writing highlight that the main means for achieving clarity is to avoid pretentious language, needlessly complex sentences and the passive voice wherever possible.
The Standards and Testing Agency, which is meant to check if exams are up to scratch, insisted the use of commas in complex sentences is "a matter of choice".
Its dazzlingly complex sentences too often come across as self-conscious flourishes, and its ideas, gussied up in jazzy garb, ultimately feel slight.
Within this context, sentence-combining is not just about developing longer, more complex sentences, but also about generating new ideas by juxtaposing them in various ways.
People hear differently, and those with even moderate hearing loss may have to work harder to understand complex sentences," Pellee stated.
The experiments show that by dividing complex sentences into smaller, more easily manageable units parsing accuracy can be increased.
The editing mechanism controlling concord across clauses in complex sentences proceeds by proximal or distal association.
when the subject of the sentence is not included) or complex sentences, where thesubject of the evaluation is separated from the evaluation expressions.
People who use the Tango are taking the time to put together complex sentences and thoughts that really utilize the features that focus on literacy--and then just laying back and enjoying the social interaction that comes from easily sharing stories, jokes, and so on.
Legal experts say the combination of prison overcrowding and more complex sentences means that the figure is likely to rise.
Business letters have been losing their appeal; so I hope that storybuilding will coax them into delightful complex sentences and lengthier compositions written in accurate English.
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