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a sentence composed of at least one main clause and one subordinate clause

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When does the author use compound or complex sentences with extended noun or verb phrases?
The study of subordinate and embedded clauses and simple, compound and complex sentence construction can be quite dry and it can be brought down to a series of 'complete this sentence' type activities.
Question two: Are there any differences between CLIL and NON-CLIL learners as regards lexical richness, accuracy measures (word order and production of the definite and indefinite article) and syntactic complexity measures (production of simple and complex sentences and variety of tenses used)?
Complex sentences (one simple sentence, with additional dependent clauses):
For sentence structure, peers can identify how many simple, compound and complex sentences were used and make a judgement about the appropriateness of the sentence types and their role in the text.
Notice that the student must read through many complex sentences filled with information before knowing the directions.
Their minds are hungry for the puzzles of new words strung into complex sentences.
Among their topics are the multi-purpose subordinator na in Laz, external agreement in the converbal construction of Northern Akhvakh, new strategies for relative clauses in Azeri and Apsheron Tat, participial and infinitival complement sentences in Ancient Greek, and a preliminary survey of the performance basis of grammatical constraints on complex sentences.
With regard to language, some authors have reported that deficits in comprehension may occur in complex sentences and that they are mainly due to limitations in executive resources such as working memory (Grossman, 1999; Grossman, Carvell, Stern, Gollomp, & Hurtig, 1992; Hochstadt, Nakano, Lieberman, & Friedman, 2006).
It shows that claims from the latter as to what constitutes various concepts can be used to define functions from states expressed by atomic sentences to states expressed by complex sentences, thereby allowing an expressivist semantics that satisfies a rather strict compositionality constraint (as well as a further, substantial explanatory constraint).
Clarity: When I see leaders trying to impress people by using big words or complex sentences, I cringe.
These grammatical as well as ungrammatical were further alienated into simple and complex sentences involving extraction from subject object and adjunct position.
An important semantic task, to be detailed below, is to determine the presuppositions of complex sentences in a compositional manner, starting from the presuppositions triggered by the sentence constituents.
A TODDLER chattering away can sound a bit like gobbledegook at times, but new research from a Tyneside expert has shown children learn grammatical tools much earlier than previously thought The study by Dr Cristina Dye, a lecturer in child language development at Newcastle University, has revealed that two to three-year-olds are using more complex sentences much sooner than expected.
Dr Cristina Dye, a lecturer in child language development at Newcastle University, found that two to three-year-olds are using more complex sentences earlier than expected.
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