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a sentence composed of at least one main clause and one subordinate clause

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For example, in the complex sentence, "Repeat the steps above, making the original sector a quarter circle of radius 10 cm", the cause and effect relationship is implied rather than clearly stated.
This particular piece demonstrates: a clear thesis in the introduction, use of pronouns to connect with and persuade the reader, a pattern of three, a rhetorical question, blunt simple sentences, emotive language, a complex sentence, modal verbs and use of repetition.
Verbosity and more complex sentence structure in legal English texts are also caused by the determination to avoid sexist wording.
c), what is strikingly noticeable is an inability to create a complex thought in a complex sentence structure.
WhiteSmoke can now accurately detect many unique cases of missing words, even in complex sentence constructions, and suggest the appropriate solution.
This frequently requires breaking a complex sentence into two or more simple ones.
Sentence (1) is a complex sentence the matrix of which consists of
In such a manner, a patient can spell a simple phrase like "I'm hungry" or a more complex sentence expressing his or her emotions: "I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart because you enabled me to become an ABC sharpshooter .
Most of them, I suspect, rarely open a book for pleasure from one year's end to the next - let alone books with such complex sentence structure and demanding vocabulary.
Her goal was "conservative": to produce a text that retained much of Bokenham's vocabulary and imagery while modifying the complex sentence structure that sometimes marked his latinate style.
Worse problems arise when compound verb tenses, idiomatic expressions or complex sentence structures are used.
We found that when creating a story or just responding to pictures, the parent used many words and complex sentence structures while engaging with their child.
The idea that we can't follow complex sentence structure and vocabulary, as Bishop Donald Trautman argues ("Lost in translation," Sounding Board, July), is absurd.
The device supports five different button actions and unlimited page links so the user can build complex sentence structures.
That is, as soon as the parser encounters the sentence-initial conjunction, it recognizes the mother node of the complex sentence, but then the entire adverbial clause has to be processed, and kept in working memory, until the main clause--that is, the second IC--can be accessed.
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