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Synonyms for seizure

Synonyms for seizure

the act of catching, especially a sudden taking and holding

the act of taking something for oneself

a seizing and holding by law

the act of taking quick and forcible possession of

a sudden and often acute manifestation of a disease

Synonyms for seizure

a sudden occurrence (or recurrence) of a disease

the act of taking of a person by force

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I wanted to create a book for young children about partial complex seizures that was both educational and entertaining," Baltaro said.
One child had Dravet's syndrome, and one child had partial complex seizures.
gabapentin Approved as add-on therapy for (Neurontin) tonic-clonic and partial complex seizures.
Neurocysticercosis patients were, however, more likely to have focal motor or partial complex seizures than those without neurocysticercosis (RR 2.
Consistent with previous studies, most neurocysticercosis patients did come to the emergency department with a generalized tonic clonic seizure, but such patients were more likely to have focal motor or partial complex seizures than were the seizure patients without neurocysticercosis.
Clinical Features of Pigmented Astrocytic Tumors Age Duration of Source, y y/Sex Clinical Features Symptoms, y Soffer et al,[16] 1992 17/F Epilepsy 5 Vajtai et al,[17] 1996 41/F Psychomotor seizures 24 Kanzawa et al,[18] 1997 47/M Psychomotor seizures 8 Present case 32/M Partial complex seizures 2 Diagnosis Nature of Source, y Pigment Softer et al,[16] 1992 Ganglioglioma Melanin Vajtai et al,[17] 1996 Pilocytic astrocytoma Neuromelanin Kanzawa et al,[18] 1997 Pleomorphic xanthoastrocytoma Melanin Present case Pleomorphic xanthoastrocytoma Melanin
Marinus Closes Phase 2 Trials for Infantile Spasms and Completes Enrollment for Phase 2 Trial in Adult Partial Complex Seizures
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