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either of two complex numbers whose real parts are identical and whose imaginary parts differ only in sign

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shows the complex conjugate pairs and corresponding frequencies using the nominal parameters of the simplified powertrain system given in Table.
one real root and a pair of complex conjugate roots.
The case of A being real normal and k = 2 is considered in Section 6, in which we characterize the boundary of the region where pairs of complex conjugate Ritz values are located.
In order to improve the conversion gain of the HSOM, a pair of complex conjugate poles, with small negative real part, will be created around the center frequency of the input signal [f.
and expressing p in terms of the complex conjugate of (36), we obtain the equality
To ensure the inductive complex conjugate matching, an inductively coupled loop is used.
Then, besides at most m, even number counting multiplicities, real or complex conjugate zeros, the distribution of the zeros of [C.
z] the complex conjugate of z, and by [parallel]z[parallel]= [square root of z[bar.
Lead appeared to target a type of cell known as antigen presenting cells, and its effect was based on specific peptide-major histocompatibility complex conjugate.
More generally, if the FFT of one time-domain signal Q is multiplied by the complex conjugate of the FFT of another signal R, a cross power spectrum results.
In general terms, maximum power transfer occurs when the two impedances at any given node are the complex conjugate of one another.
alpha]]), N = [+ or -] 1, 2, 3, [alpha] = 1, 2, which may either be real or occur in complex conjugate pairs.
DNA Recognition and Binding by Peptide-Metal Complex conjugate
The points of intersection are (-2, 1) and (-2, -1), so the complex conjugate roots are z = -2 [+ or -] i.
Since a transfer function (TF) of the elliptic filer with order 2 has complex conjugate poles and purely imaginary zeros, it can be written the following way