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As soon as our first building was near enough to completion so that we could occupy a portion of it--which was near the middle of the second year of the school--we opened a boarding department.
The former told me that Ghak, king of Sari, had sent my letter and map to him by a runner, and that he and Ja had at once decided to set out on the completion of the fleet to ascertain the correctness of my theory that the Lural Az, in which the Anoroc Islands lay, was in reality the same ocean as that which lapped the shores of Thuria under the name of Sojar Az, or Great Sea.
I began to anticipate the completion of my daily thousand words by taking a drink when only five hundred words were written.
The cannon was then finished; there was no possible doubt as to its perfect completion.
I think, sir, that the operation is nearing its completion," replied Lieutenant Bronsfield.
The Cambridge History of English Literature,' now nearing completion in fourteen volumes (G.
We can only guess why the great design was abandoned; perhaps because Plato became sensible of some incongruity in a fictitious history, or because he had lost his interest in it, or because advancing years forbade the completion of it; and we may please ourselves with the fancy that had this imaginary narrative ever been finished, we should have found Plato himself sympathizing with the struggle for Hellenic independence, singing a hymn of triumph over Marathon and Salamis, perhaps making the reflection of Herodotus where he contemplates the growth of the Athenian empire--"How brave a thing is freedom of speech, which has made the Athenians so far exceed every other state of Hellas in greatness
I had hitherto attended the schools of Geneva, but my father thought it necessary for the completion of my education that I should be made acquainted with other customs than those of my native country.
Also, school officials can now track FAFSA submission and completion statistics at individual schools on the Department's FAFSA Completion web site.
2- Completion of work on a 23 kilometers segment of Al Ghafa -- Turbah Road
Chris Anderson Stadium, including indoor football and athletics arena - Expected completion date(from March 2005): October 2008.
Upon completion of the module, students will be able to apply these concepts and policies in the preparation and review of reports generated using the Consolidated Acquisition Reporting (CARS) software.
A "liquidated damages clause addressing potential failure to complete or project abandonment by the contractor"--This requires that the owner's contract include language such as: "The contractor acknowledges that the owner will suffer damages if the contractor either (1) fails to complete the project within the specified time noted in the schedule, or (2) abandons the project or its work prior to substantial or final completion.