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acting as or providing a complement (something that completes the whole)

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The idea was for students to integrate knowledge from all of the courses in their discipline in a cumulative fashion and demonstrate this integrated knowledge by completing a community project.
Some participants received extra-credit for completing the survey.
PCSO then issued a conditional offer of employment to those applicants completing this stage of the hiring process.
Most readers are probably intimately familiar with the sections, items and instructions for completing the actual assessment instrument.
People completing the training will be authorized as Small Craft Safety instructors with the appropriate small craft activity notated.
At that point, the contractor includes the contract price in its gross income and deducts the related costs incurred in completing the contract.
In 2006, Acusphere took many steps forward towards its goal of commercializing Imagify by completing the RAMP-1 trial, completing enrollment and training of ultrasound blinded readers of the RAMP-2 trial, manufacturing commercial-scale development batches, strengthening our intellectual property position through two important license agreements, and expanding our senior management team.
Three groups of students in an English composition course received basic information literacy instruction by completing an online tutorial, attending a presentation by a librarian, or doing both.
She added, "We anticipate enthusiastic consumer response for these two DVD releases as fans look forward to completing their `The West Wing' collections or buying the entire series all at once with this unique dossier gift set.
The Company had anticipated completing its review prior to filing its Annual Report on Form 10-K for fiscal year 2005.
Under the Agreement, Falconbridge will be responsible for the cost of completing the feasibility study, with other costs shared by the parties in accordance with their respective interests.
While Fitch believes that securing a waiver from its bank group to extend the filing time for URI to complete its 2004 10-K is an important step in completing its financial statements, it is also recognized that this waiver does not include all of the company's lenders.
As a result of the delay in completing our filings, our stock listing has been moved to the Pink Sheets.
In addition to completing a Feasibility Study on it's Mt Bundy Gold Deposit in the Northern Territory of Australia, Valencia has recently announced acquisition of a 100% interest in the Idaho Gold Project, Idaho, USA, where gold resources are defined in three deposits and the Company is completing a Scoping Study to evaluate the potential for development of a heap leach gold project at the Buffalo Gulch Prospect (Indicated Mineral Resource 4.