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Synonyms for hemianopia

blindness in one half of the visual field of one or both eyes

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Hospital Course: Day 1 Time Clinical Finding(s) 10:00 Last time "known well" per patient's family 13:19 Patient arrived at the emergency room 13:55 Patient evaluated by the emergency room physician and found to have an NIHSS of 12 because of left hemiparesis, dysarthria, complete hemianopia, partial facial paralysis, and mild loss of sensation to left side.
Best Gaze Normal (Eyes open - patient follows Partial gaze Palsy examiner's finger or face) Forced Deviation 3-Visual No Visual Loss (Introduce visual stimulus/threat Partial Hemianopia to patient's visual field Complete Hemianopia quadrants) Bilateral Hemianopia 4.
Best Visual No visuals loss 0 Partial hemianopia 1 Complete hemianopia 2 5.
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