complete fracture

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break involving the entire width of the bone

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Atypical femoral fracture: Major and minor features (a) Major features (b) * Located anywhere along the femur from just distal to the lesser trochanter to just proximal to the supracondylar flare * Associated with no trauma or minimal trauma, as in a fall from a standing height or less * Transverse or short oblique configuration * Noncomminuted * Complete fractures extend through both cortices and may be associated with a medial spike; incomplete fractures involve only the lateral cortex.
within the next three weeks to complete fracture stimulation of the
The FDA and other independent research studies have indicated that femur fracture patients have reported experiencing severe pain of the joints, muscles and/or bones for periods of weeks to months before a complete fracture occurred.
Stress fractures are defined as a partial or complete fracture of bone due to an inability to endure a non-violent stress.
He sustained a complete fracture of the left collarbone,'' said track physician Dr David Seftel.
The shock that Gordon Brown only found that out when he arrived in America, it really underlines the complete fracture in the Labour party.
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