complete blood count

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counting the number of white and red blood cells and the number of platelets in 1 cubic millimeter of blood

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Ordering a serum protein electrophoresis to check for multiple myeloma is appropriate in osteoporotic patients over age 50 years with an abnormal complete blood count.
The Alinity h-series solution is 20 percent faster per m2 than other currently available integrated hematology systems with a throughput of 133 complete blood counts (CBCs) per m2.
Components of the Complete Blood Count as Risk Predictors for Coronary Heart Disease.
We evaluated all initial complete blood count parameters.
Mean platelet volume is included in the complete blood count test and does not require additional cost.
In his pitch, Garg introduced a hypothetical leukemia patient, "Jane," who had a normal complete blood count (CBC) test in 2015 yet was diagnosed with late-stage leukemia a year later.
RDW as a part of Complete Blood Count (CBC) is tested in all patients in sepsis.
In this age of high-tech diagnostic tools like digital X-rays and color Doppler ultrasound, one humble test--the complete blood count (CBC)--remains at the forefront.
Results of a complete blood count and serum biochemical analysis and measured Af-acetyl-[beta]-d-glucosaminidase activity and whole blood clotting time were evaluated before, during, and after completion of treatments.
In addition,A miLab will make it possible to develop commonly used tests, for complete blood count (CBC) and prostate-specific antigen (PSA), among others, as well as for detection of specific viruses, including HIV, ebola and hepatitis.
On the condition of anonymity a lab assistant informed that there is big difference in the charges of the different tests conducted by the labs: Complete Blood Count ( CBC range from Rs 200 to Rs 500), urine detailed report (UDR- Rs 50 to Rs200), Liver Functional Test ( LFT-Rs 450 to Rs 700), Lipid Profiles (Rs 450 to Rs 700), Critinine (costs from Rs 120 to Rs 300).
The executive health screening package will include laboratory investigations, complete blood count (CBC), ESR, FBS - fasting blood sugar, HBA1c, urine routine and total cholesterol in addition to LDL, HDL, Triglycerides, SGOT and SGPT.
Objective: To examine the effect of smoking on complete blood count serum C-reactive protein and magnesium levels in male smokers.
Could mean platelet volume among complete blood count parameters be a surrogate marker of metabolic syndrome in prepubertal children?
A complete blood count and metabolic panel were within normal limits.
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