complementary medicine

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the practice of medicine that combines traditional medicine with alternative medicine

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Complementary medicine practitioners have been pushing for healing through nutrition in food all along," she said.
National Institute of Complementary Medicine Standard Operating Procedures for Clinical Trials.
Interest in complementary medicine has grown sizably in recent years as has the number of individuals providing services in many of its sub-specialties.
These complementary medicine programs provide a wide variety of services including acupuncture, herbal remedies, nutritional consultations, massage therapy, hypnosis and biofeedback.
And, perhaps most importantly, physicians should become knowledgeable about complementary medicine and keep abreast of scientific literature on therapies for which they refer.
Of 333 New Mexican women with breast cancer, 35% reported using herbs, dietary supplements, or some other form of complementary medicine as part of their treatment.
It comes just a few days after Prince Charles called for more complementary medicines to be made available on the National Health Service.
Sue Wilkinson, who runs a health shop in Treorchy, said: "This Directive has been pushed through to help the manufacturers of pharmaceutical drugs, who see complementary medicines as a threat to their monopoly.
The simple fact that medical schools are taking it seriously has lent alternative and complementary medicine an air of legitimacy.
Charles said the term ``integrated healthcare'' was not just another description for complementary medicine.
Therefore it can also be seen as a product of its time, and it is not surprising that the Complementary Medicine Group of the Cochrane Collaboration used the definition of complementary medicine developed by the Department as its working basis (Ernst et al.
But many were reluctant to bring up the subject, with 38 per cent feeling that most GPs disapprove of the use of complementary medicine.
ACAM (the American College for Advancement in Medicine) is an association for medical doctors of complementary medicine.
Complementary medicine strives to maintain a holistic balance by presenting options to individuals.
programs include complementary medicine in one or more of their required courses.
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