complementary medicine

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the practice of medicine that combines traditional medicine with alternative medicine

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Geetha Krishnan to the WHO with costs paid by the releasing institute to WHO for providing inputs for preparation of strategic agenda and workplan in promoting quality, safety and effectiveness of the traditional and complementary medicine and development of practice documents in Traditional Medicine including Ayurveda, Unani, Panchakarma and training document in Yoga.
A Complementary medicine covers a wide range of practices and products, such as acupuncture and meditation, herbal supplements, and chiropractic care.
The proposed amendments to the complementary medicine definition provide additional origins, widen the claims and added a subcategory, i.
Implications: Current study describes an evolving educational framework of progressive skill development within an undergraduate theoretical and practical complementary medicine curriculum that is based on current professional landscape and supports students in developing critical thinking and self-reflexivity through a series of integrated in-class activities and specially-designed assessment tasks.
The regulation of complementary medicine by QCHP has been one of the decisions long-awaited by the public in Qatar.
Dubai: The Ministry of Health on Wednesday said it has adopted 90 new complementary medicines as part of its strategy to include herbal and traditional medicines into mainstream health-care systems.
Safety concerns associated with complementary medicine have focussed particularly on medicinal plants and supplements, including their interactions with mainstream medicines.
Bodeker, Director of the Global Initiative for Complementary Medicine presented a lecture on the spreading of use of complementary medicine, highlighting its uses in the GCC states.
On the other hand, while disease duration and severity were not significant predictors of complementary medicine use in a multivariate analysis, unadjusted models showed that a longer duration and a greater number of swollen and tender joints, as well as patient- and physician-assessed disease severity, were all associated with decreased use of complementary medicine.
During this period, there were 39 separate incidents of side effects linked with complementary medicine treatment, including four deaths.
In 30 cases (77%), the issues were "probably or definitely" related to complementary medicine, and in 17 (44%) the patient was regarded as being harmed by a failure to use conventional medicine.
They analysed monthly data reported to the Australian Paediatric Surveillance Unit between 2001 and 2003 when there were 39 separate incidents of side effects linked with complementary medicine treatment, including four deaths.
He has been a primary developer of complementary medicine in Australia for the past three decades.
Almost half of people turn to complementary medicine at some point in their lives, spending more than pounds 450m a year, the report said.
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