complementary distribution

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(linguistics) a distribution of related speech sounds or forms in such a way that they only appear in different contexts

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In languages without a phonological /B/ [left and right arrow] /M/ contrast and in which the biphasic segments are in free variation and/or in complementary distribution with non-sonorant voiced stops ([mb] ~ [b]), the nasal phase must be interpreted as the enhancement of an underlying voice feature.
Custom SUL is available in states where approved through all of MONY'S distribution channels, including its career system of financial professionals and the MONY Independent Network, a complementary distribution channel of brokerage general agencies and broker-dealers.
Complementary distribution and customer service networks based on the global reach of P&G in retail distribution outlets and the Clairol professional network.
The deal also creates complementary distribution and customer service networks based on the global reach of P&G in retail distribution outlets and the Clairol professional network.
He notes that these vario us particles are in complementary distribution, and that the Arab grammarians' categories are essentially mapping the allophonic functions of a single particle.
We have always believed that there are many complementary distribution channels for our highly structured databanks that are more effectively reached aligned with others.
These two warehouses, located adjacent to each other, handle different, complementary distribution functions.
Besides achieving the production and transfer books, the project will be accompanied by complementary distribution infrastructure (storage, primary, secondary and tertiary network, social connections).
The two companies have complementary distribution channels, Liberty Mutual's president and CEO, David Long, noted.
STATIC complementary distribution is thus a lexical (morphemic) phonotactic regularity: there are no synchronic alternations involved by which allomorphs dynamically conform to phonotactic constraints.
3) This is of considerable interest since the dialect did not retain the allomorphs of the possessive pronoun of the third masculine singular in the pattern of complementary distribution of standard Phoenician-Punic.
This transaction enables us to accelerate growth into new sectors, add complementary distribution capabilities, and nearly double the number of retirement plan participants we serve.
For MassMutual, the deal would nearly double the number of its retirement plan participants, help step up growth into new sectors and bring complementary distribution capabilities, chairman, president and CEO Roger Crandall pointed out.
The complementary distribution agreement allows even greater, expanded capabilities for customers.
He added : "Both companies have complementary distribution channels and excellent reputations.
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