complementary angles

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two angles whose sum is a right angle

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Cathie: He has his students, each with a smartphone, take pictures of what they think are complementary angles outside of the classroom.
The simple visual demonstration, used initially, can be revisited for two rigorous geometrical proofs, one reinforcing the concepts of supplementary and complementary angles and the other providing a useful application for the properties of angles of a traversal of parallel lines.
Today's three texts show this from distinct but complementary angles.
Belts made of thermoset materials--including rubber, neoprene, Buna-N and some urethanes, which don't flow under heat--usually are made endless with a "step splice," in which both belt ends are cut into steps at complementary angles, typically diagonal to the belt length, which overlay each other when the belt ends are drawn together.
The last two chapters explore this refashioning from complementary angles.
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