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a relation between two opposite states or principles that together exhaust the possibilities

the interrelation of reciprocity whereby one thing supplements or depends on the other

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All complementarities emanate from this fundamental Spirit-giftedness, which impels humans to create harmony and unity, to overcome division and exclusion, to acknowledge and affirm the Spirit-created varieties of human relationships with God, neighbor, and self.
However, as pointed out in Schmiedeberg (2008), the simple correlation between internal and external R&D is not able to capture complementarities of these activities.
From the above discussion we know that there are a large number of studies on the complementarities between different modes of R&D activities, but the empirical results are inconsistent among the different countries, different samples, and different measures of innovation output (Schmiedeberg 2008) (5).
e-Care will seek complementarities between these tools and existing ObjectWeb projects such as Sync4j, a SyncML compliant synchronization platform.
The magisterium condemns homosexual acts because they do not exhibit heterogenital and reproductive complementarities and, because they do not exhibit these biological complementarities, they are ontologically incapable of realizing personal complementarity, regardless of the meaning of the act for a homosexual couple.
Complementarities, Comparative Advantages, and Benefits and Costs of Regional Cooperation in Land Transport and Communication.
For a number of years, the EF program has had an active research group on macroeconomic complementarities under the direction of Russell W.
In light of the prevailing complementarities of both our services in terms of their character, target market sector and geographical coverage, we realise there is a great opportunity to increase our presence in the flourishing new telecommunication market sector.
Matching is, broadly speaking, the study of complementarities, which explains the formation of coalitions.
Perhaps Aquinas thought that complementarities with respect to rule and subjection could, at least in some societies, be connected with biological endowments such as physical strength.
We are very pleased to engage with Micromuse in this strategic alliance and we are excited about the potential of this relationship since there is a strong affinity between the two companies and complementarities abound," said Gad Tobaly, InfoVista Chief Executive Officer.
tapping into the synergies and complementarities with these new subsidiaries.