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Synonyms for complemental

forming or serving as a complement

Synonyms for complemental

acting as or providing a complement (something that completes the whole)

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In order to analyze the influence of the film thickness to the saturation, we introduced a film system in the complemental period of the 1-quarter film system, the 3-quarter film system, to make a comparison.
For those patients not responding or intolerant to treatment with the combination of ribavirin and interferon-[alpha], new alternative and complemental agents should be explored.
As to the variety of cars, at the beginning of alliance there was complemental relationship between Renault and Nissan, then they started to work together to develop new cars jointly with the progress of alliance.
But there is the other, complemental self: Thoreau as driftwood in the stream.
This complemental function is as well stressed by Coro Malaxecheverria, who sees in the female threesome formed by Maria, Elsa, and the elderly Matilde a representation of "los tres elementos o cabezas que forman el monstruo (i.