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Synonyms for complaisant

ready to do favors for another

Synonyms for complaisant

showing a cheerful willingness to do favors for others

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As in her previous books, she is closely attentive to her reader, leading us through the dilatory meanders of her narratives complaisantly, taking her time with us in pleasingly discursive prose.
Introducing a lengthy description of some ants that are crawling over the protagonist's boots, she intervenes in her writerly persona, clearly addressing the reader of the novel: "Let us adopt their point of view for a moment (those who are not interested in the life of animals may go directly and without prejudice to page 19)," that is, she complaisantly recommends that the reader might wish to skip that description and turn directly to the beginning of the second chapter.
Yet I own I thought this cousin of mine more wise, than complaisantly to come and teach me how far I might deceive a jealous husband; and these are the lords of creation
Francis Fukayama, if rather more complaisantly and idealistically, has responded to the same perception.
Lacking any of the rebellious energy, that put these artists on the map in the first place, this tired show felt complaisantly mediocre, even mainstream - decidedly a step behind the edgy spirit of the '90s.
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