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Synonyms for complaisant

ready to do favors for another

Synonyms for complaisant

showing a cheerful willingness to do favors for others

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The woman was at first a little brief and sullen in her answers, but care for her family soon rendered her more complaisant.
But though an obdurate boy on most occasions, he proved complaisant on this, and withdrew to the high road, where he made over one of his pennies to a phantom gambler, and tossed with him until recalled from his dual state by the appearance of Fairholme's party.
I was so complaisant, that though I would not completely engage, yet I made no scruple to be present at their mass, and to conform to all their gestures as they showed me the pattern, but I would not come too cheap; so that I only in the main encouraged them to expect that I would turn Roman Catholic, if I was instructed in the Catholic doctrine as they called it, and so the matter rested.
Assad's regime, under the complaisant eyes of its allies, Russia and Iran, is continuing with full impunity, the bombing of villages, civilians, hospitals and ambulances - as well as dropping chemical weapons.
Also, the directors observed the external sector pressures were related to fiscal decline during last financial year and due to complaisant monetary policy stance, followed by high imports because of CPEC projects.
CouldCarstens, the former long-time governor of the Bank of Mexico, find ahappy medium between the hawks and the doves, between the controllingChinese and the complaisant Canadians?
In 'Sin Island,' he and Coleen are married, but she has an affair, prompting him to go on 'rebound' mode and hooking up with a complaisant chick (Nathalie Hart).
An FIR (No 2/18) was registered by the women police station under sections 376, 109, 506 and 25-D of the Telegraph Act on the complaisant of Ms.
The arrests were made after an FIR (No 2/18) was lodged with the women police station under sections 376, 109, 506 and 25-D of the Telegraph Act on the complaisant of the female student, a resident of Hafiz Jamal Road.
This is one reason why Westerners were so complaisant about events that culminated in the 1979 revolution.
Le president du club egyptien du Zamalek, Mortadha Mansour, a annonce le retrait de son equipe du championnat d'Egypte de football "en raison de la poursuite de l'arbitrage maison, complaisant et corrompu", affirmant qu'il defendra "les droits du Zamalek".
Following a short stint offreporters@ Broadway in 1961, he won critical acclaim in Graham Greene's comedy The Complaisant Lover.
After gaining attention in theater playing a hotel valet in "The Complaisant Lover" on Broadway in 1961--and the part of Billy Bibbit in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" in 1963--Wilder launched his screen career with a scene-stealing bit part in 1967's "Bonnie and Clyde," earning one of the raucous New Hollywood classic's big laughs as a hapless character in the back seat of a car that's stolen out from under him.
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