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Synonyms for complaisant

ready to do favors for another

Synonyms for complaisant

showing a cheerful willingness to do favors for others

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In her behaviour she was respectful and complaisant, even to servility: she attempted to flatter and fawn upon me at first, but I soon checked that.
The woman was at first a little brief and sullen in her answers, but care for her family soon rendered her more complaisant.
I was so complaisant, that though I would not completely engage, yet I made no scruple to be present at their mass, and to conform to all their gestures as they showed me the pattern, but I would not come too cheap; so that I only in the main encouraged them to expect that I would turn Roman Catholic, if I was instructed in the Catholic doctrine as they called it, and so the matter rested.
At last, on some occasion of our stopping, this thing slowly upreared itself to the height of three feet six, and fixing its eyes on me, observed in piping accents, with a complaisant yawn, half quenched in an obliging air of friendly patronage, 'Well now, stranger, I guess you find this a'most like an English arternoon, hey?
Like a husband, God is jealous of Israel's relations with other gods, and he will be no mari complaisant.
All of which makes me, like the environmental movement, staggeringly weak and irrelevant even though swollen with self-importance and power, complaisant to the point of catatonia at the same time as I am shrill with ill-informed righteousness, ignorant of science but too committed to facts and figures, slavishly willing to compromise while stubbornly insistent on getting my own way.
In an admirable effort to reject closure and expand options, voices that have been complaisant or stilled are made active and resistant; those that have been taken for granted previously are questioned and disrupted.
Even if it were its adjacent mainland would not be complaisant.
These are important considerations because they show that the iron law of inequality will continue to defeat the complaisant policy initiatives of the 'incrementalists'.
Because metrics are not easily measured, manufacturers may continue to invest until their budgets are overtaxed or until the industry loses interest or becomes more complaisant.
the complaisant failure to prevent the exploitation of youth in employments which sap the moral and intellectual fiber, [and] the presence of vicious amusements.
If you or I now should be set down in Japan, with all our prudence and knowledge about us, a conceit whereof makes us, perhaps, so apt to slight the thoughts and enquiries of children; should we, I say, be set down in Japan, we should, no doubt (if we would inform our selves of what is there to be known) ask a thousand questions, which, to a supercilious or inconsiderate Japaner, would seem very idle and impertinent; though to us they would be very material and of importance to be resolved; and we should be glad to find a man so complaisant and courteous, as to satisfy our demands, and instruct our ignorance.
So far she's too complaisant to raise a flicker of interest.
146, 161 (2003) ("[R]estrictions on political contributions have been treated as merely 'marginal' speech restrictions subject to relatively complaisant review under the First Amendment, because contributions lie closer to the edges than to the core of political expression.
Along the way, Echenoz paints the portrait of a man who is both proud and exceptionally driven, but one who is nonetheless generous in his dealings with others and complaisant with regard to the demands of his discipline, even when his performances begin to wane.
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