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Synonyms for complaisance

a disposition or tendency to yield to the will of others

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Ce constat saillant AaAaAeA l'oeil nu n'est ni complaisance ni prAaAaAeA@sompt puisque les chantiers d'aujourd'hui AaAaAeA plus d'un titre ne cessent sillonner les diverses rAaAaAeA@gions et localitAaAaAeA@s du royaume, tant au ni de la structuration de ses institutions que du dAaAaAeA@veloppement de s infrastructures et de la mise AaAaAeA niveau de ses ressources humaine
Au lieu de favoriser les criteres de competence, d'integrite et de neutralite, le recent mouvement dans le corps des magistrats a privilegie plutot le favoritisme, le nepotisme et la complaisance, ce qui a eu des repercussions negatives sur le climat general au sein des tribunaux ", a-t-elle declare a l'issue de la reunion du Conseil national de l'AMT.
Social media uses algorithms to encourage comfort and complaisance, since its entire business model is built upon maximizing the time users spend inside it.
Nazarbayev, who took the 97, 7 percent of the votes in 26 April presidential election and again being elected for next five year term, held a speech during his swear-in ceremony held at Independency Palace and thanked to the Kazakh nation for their complaisance which was shown to him.
Il a affirme que la conjoncture est difficile et qu'elle ne permet ni surencheres ni complaisance , et appele a opter pour la transparence et l'esprit de responsabilite et a dire toute la verite au peuple, en toute objectivite et franchise .
Et pour eviter les memes erreurs de complaisance sans fin et de favoritisme aveugle, ils s'imposent une certaine marge d'objectivite, en rendant justice a chacune des deux parties.
Il s'attaque, en effet, a une question centrale: que faire des travaux qui charpentent la tradition anthropologique des etudes africanistes et qui ont fait l'objet de critiques severes pointant, d'une part, leur tendance a l'orientalisme et, d'autre part, leur complaisance avec le systeme colonial?
As with some countries, Egypt's leaders and sovereignty have been purchased by the US which has received complaisance and resentment, or hatred.
The rest, one might state, is history, as the result of the editor's complaisance is the version of Madame Bovary that readers have consulted in various editions ever since 1857.
Al-Mahdi, who is accused of complaisance with the regime by opposition forces, activists and rebel groups calls since the independence of South Sudan for a negotiated political change in the country through a comprehensive and inclusive conference to debate all the issues of the country.
But when Haroon denies he's fathered her baby and insists she have an abortion, Jhurmur is roused out of her complaisance and plots her revenge.
Philip Resnick condemns the complaisance of too many respected intellectuals happily willing to accept Muammar Gaddafi's petrodollar-based honours along with the condition that they overlook the dark side of his regime.
Mariners, among others, using Computer-Based Training to expedite complaisance training.
As for the revolutions' impact on the relationship between the Arab world and the United States, Khalidi said that even though things will not change overnight, "no one in Washington can rely on the complaisance and submissiveness toward Israel and the United States," since Arab public opinion now matters.
Autre merite, celui d'avoir su brosser un portrait psychologique sans complaisance.
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