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But, in the middle of her vision, her father would perhaps enter the room for the evening, and, surprised that she sat still without noticing him, would say complainingly, "Come, am I to fetch my slippers myself?
The tall woman, who had moved away from us toward the dresser, took no notice; but the other, from her cushioned niche, answered complainingly, in a high thin voice.
All too often, we see starlets do the opposite, grudgingly and complainingly going through the 'PR' motions, thus turning onlookers off.
As they trudged complainingly through thick Amazon mud, Glenda saw not an obstacle, but an opportunity.
Helen (Caitlin Galloway) was complainingly long-suffering but successfully firm and efficient in her handling of her out-of-control father, ladling soup into his mouth and getting him into bed.
Indeed, as late as 1930, Yeats himself complainingly observes: "Are you a letter-writer?
Result for intermediate examination was announced by the board on September, 8 and we have come here to seek admission but the guards have prevented us from entering into premises of university forcibly, said one girl student complainingly.
There was a rattle and squeal, a glare of water, and I was on the platform 30 feet above 225th Street watching the Bronx-bound train pull complainingly away.
Carlin complainingly provides quite a few examples.