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He mewed complainingly, a puzzled note in his voice.
And, as if these words, spoken calmly, had been the portent of misfortune, she answered with a loud wail that must have been heard across the yard in the pig-sty; for the pigs (the Bacadous had the finest pigs in the country) stirred and grunted complainingly in the night.
No doubt it would have been a thought more comfortable if the driving rain, which now poured down more soakingly than ever, had admitted of a window being opened, or if our number had been something less than thirty; but there was scarcely time to think as much, when a train of three horses was attached to the tow-rope, the boy upon the leader smacked his whip, the rudder creaked and groaned complainingly, and we had begun our journey.
But, in the middle of her vision, her father would perhaps enter the room for the evening, and, surprised that she sat still without noticing him, would say complainingly, "Come, am I to fetch my slippers myself?
As they trudged complainingly through thick Amazon mud, Glenda saw not an obstacle, but an opportunity.
Indeed, as late as 1930, Yeats himself complainingly observes: "Are you a letter-writer?
There followed a difficult period during which Miss Story objected very much to my changes, and finally wrote complainingly to my boss, Ivon Owen, saying that she had been forced to go to a psychiatrist who told her that I was a young whipper-snapper (I wasn't all that young) who was over-eager to show how much he knew.