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The complainers have built a 6ft wall right round their house.
The complainer had approached Mr Bavarsad prior to this and made a number of complaints including the amount of napkins on the table and the fact he hadn't received a roll with his soup.
The complainer made comments about you and you lashed out and punched him, causing him to fall and hit his head on the kerbside.
The accused repeatedly punched the complainer on his hand in an effort to remove his hand from the steering wheel.
The complainer was kicked on the head to his severe injury, permanent impairment and permanent disfigurement.
The source added: "Cops have been told if they're going to miss appointments, they have to phone the complainer.
The complainer thought it was a knife but it transpires the item was a toothbrush.
Fiscal depute Fiona Holligan told the court the complainer and his girlfriend had been enjoying a night out in Paisley and were seeking a cab home when they came across a young woman in need of assistance, and they decided to help her get a taxi home.
She said: "There was an argument and the accused began punching the complainer in the chest.
She said: "He pushed the complainer on the face with the open palm of his hand.
An extensive CCTV review was carried out following the accused's allegation which quite simply showed that what she was telling police did not add up and actions were shown which showed the contrary and that the complainer had not entered the area of the alleged locus.
He said: "Mr McQuillian has known the complainer since primary school and they have always been good friends.
At the same time, she may simply be a chronic complainer who is always looking for a willing set of ears.
57am in the morning CCTV operators observed the accused, the complainer and another male at the locus.