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Synonyms for complainant

one that makes a formal complaint, especially in court

Synonyms for complainant

a person who brings an action in a court of law

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The Complainants also submitted that the Respondent is selling unauthorized tickets, and, furthermore, that tickets purchased through the websites in question cannot be verified as being legitimate.
The Appeals Panel concluded that the complainants do not have the necessary rights to proceed with a complaint as required by the Regulations (ZAAP2007-0005, p 13).
We were struck by the similarities in the challenges facing complainants who have been labelled as having mental disabilities and those who have not: both groups of women are subject to having the quality of their resistance to unwanted sexual advances brought into question, to having their previous sexual experiences used inappropriately to interpret the particular sexual encounter at issue, and to having superficial reference made to sexual autonomy at the expense of the protection of bodily and psychological integrity from exploitation by men in positions of power over them.
Duran told Today's Zaman that the testimonies of the 12 complainants that were made at prosecutor's office are very similar even with regards to their spelling errors.
The complainants have demanded that the Ombudsman also allocate time for old cases to provide justice to the people, who have been denied fair dealing.
Griffiths denied knowing Cooke - or any of the other defendants - and said he did not know the complainant, who he said could be making the claims for financial gain.
The Dealing Officer (DR) stated that the Complainants request for condonation of time bar of over one year was examined by the FBR in terms of Section 74 of the Sales Tax Act, 1990.
In the Central Police Officer Peshawar, the IGP has directed Additional Inspector General of Police, Investigation, Muhammad Ali Babakhel to receive feedback from the complainants in heinous cases in a random manner and enquire about the difficulty faced by them in lodging FIRs.
As a result, the domains were transferred back to the corresponding Complainants.
The second of the two complainants insisted she was just 15 when she began having sexual contact with the defendant, accepting that she never had full intercourse with him.
The court heard that the complainant had never told anyone about the alleged abuse until she heard about other allegations that Holroyd had also abused a young boy in 1980s.
All three Complainants failed to report to Vancouver and were fired on July 4, 2005.
The remainder of this article considers whether the doctrine of incapacity could be usefully expanded, in light of some of the deficiencies of the non-consent standard for this group of complainants.
The court heard one of the three complainants was a prostitute in Derby who was addicted to cocaine and heroin.
Summary: Medical complaints committee will require testimonies of doctors and complainants only in major malpractice cases