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Synonyms for complainant

one that makes a formal complaint, especially in court

Synonyms for complainant

a person who brings an action in a court of law

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The lawyer said it was the complainant, driving a Nissan 4WD, who hit the two police vehicles and collided with a number of other cars while escaping the accident scene.
The complainant said the suspects were hurling threats on her for refusing their reconciliation offer.
Ooko said if the complainant has not yet recorded a statement and if he is not interested in the matter, the prosecution should withdraw it.
The complainant said that the accused later agreed to be friend with her, not knowing he still had a hidden agenda.
He asked the complainant if he wanted to borrow some money from him and pulled out a wallet from his pocket with money in it.
The NBI director said in the course of her relationship with the suspect, there were incidents that the complainant showed her private parts to Bukhari on Messenger 'out of love.
On the previous hearing, the court had issued non-bailable warrants of arrest for the complainant and witnesses over their failure to appear before the court.
A complainant - the first allegedly infected by Rowe - told the court the accused had become angry when he refused to have sex with him.
Putland denies both counts of rape, claiming the sex between him and the complainant was also consensual.
While at the club Mr Lloyd met the complainant, who met Putland for the first time that night.
The CBI chalked out plan to tarp the accused red handed while accepting the bribe from the complainant.
Jenny Haigh, prosecuting, told the court the complainant was robbed by Miss Watson at a bus stop close to Aldi in Stockton town centre on March 1 this year.
Until the early 1980s in Canada, it was impossible to convict a man for raping (having intercourse without her consent) a woman on the evidence of the complainant alone.
They did gym activities and sometimes had exercises outside but did not recall the complainant being held back in the changing rooms.
We have printed the conversation, although some parts have been removed to protect the identity of the complainant who we have not been able to contact for permission to print his details.