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He chirruped, and then complacently continued: "My wives at this moment receiving the sound of one of my voices, closely followed by the other, and perceiving that the latter reaches them after an interval in which sound can traverse 6.
And it went off all right; all this was uttered very easily, unconstrainedly and complacently.
Now," continued Aramis, taking the same graceful position in his easy chair that he would have assumed in bed, and complacently examining his hand, which was as white and plump as that of a woman, and which he held in the air to cause the blood to descend, "now, as you have heard, D'Artagnan, Monsieur the Principal is desirous that my thesis should be dogmatic, while I, for my part, would rather it should be ideal.
Madame de Villefort at this really did turn pale, and was very nearly angry with this household plague, who answered to the name of Edward; but the count, on the contrary, smiled, and appeared to look at the boy complacently, which caused the maternal heart to bound again with joy and enthusiasm.
Indeed," said Porthos, looking complacently at his old lackey as he went away, "you are right, D'Artagnan; Mouston will do; Mouston has a very fine appearance.
The old fellow must have resembled me in more points than one," said Peter, complacently, "or he never would have grown so rich.
Totty smiled down complacently from her secure height, and pleasant was the sight to the mother's eyes, as she stood at the house door and saw Adam coming with his small burden.
exclaimed Kory-Kory, looking complacently at the dish; and from that day to this I have never forgotten that such is the designation of a pig in the Typee lingo.
And looking at her complacently, she added, "Humph, we certainly are a handsome family
They do everything better than other children," said she, very complacently.
Mazarin, this evening, gave an address, and made an appointment as complacently as M.
He stood looking at it complacently, while he proceeded with his toilet, and M.
He looked round the little clean cell complacently.
I mean that piece of peculiarly American enterprise a premature engagement--to take effect, but too complacently, at the end of time.
It's the best in these parts," he admitted complacently.