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a person who compiles information (as for reference purposes)

(computer science) a program that decodes instructions written in a higher order language and produces an assembly language program

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This enables programmers to standardize on a single compiler suite for all 32- and 64-bit x86 computing applications.
CebaTech's C-based ESL design methodology and C2R Compiler allow fast changes to the system architecture, enabling extensive exploration of design tradeoffs to achieve the optimal design.
6 of our compiler contains many advanced features that make it easier for designers to develop ultra-fast, compact code under real-world conditions," said John Carbone, vice president of marketing for Green Hills Software.
DDC-I will continue to offer the industry's most advanced compiler and IDE technology for safety-critical applications," added Morris.
Without a parallel debugger such as Totalview for the Intel Fortran compiler, providing support for our parallel simulator will be extremely difficult, if not impossible.
With the STAR compiler, UMC customers can take advantage of the industry's first embedded memory compiler to include redundancy that ensures high yield of SRAM memory blocks on system-on-chip (SoC) designs.
The Itanium-based platform is unique because it relies far more on the compiler in comparison to other platforms, and GCC is the standard compiler on GNU/Linux distributions.
The Intel Fortran compiler enables the scientific and technical community to bring the fastest versions of their applications to Mac OS X and Intel-based Mac platforms using industry-standard math libraries and language.
Encounter RTL Compiler global synthesis is architected to concurrently optimize timing, area, and power, thus resulting in optimal quality of silicon (QoS), even under challenging low-power requirement.
With this generation of compilers, Absoft leads the Fortran 95 compiler market with superior performance, lower prices, unmatched reliability, compatibility, support, and the most flexible licensing options available.
Tensilica's XPRES Compiler enables the rapid development of optimized SOC building blocks without requiring designers to hand code their hardware using design languages like VHDL and Verilog, which take months of design and verification effort.
CoWare is the leading pioneer in the custom processor design market," said Martijn de Lange, Chairman of the Board, ACE Associated Compiler Experts bv.
At Magnum we decided to adopt Encounter RTL Compiler because it can synthesize our full chip top-down overnight, and the netlist it produces converges on our timing goals faster in physical implementation," said Eka Laiman, principal hardware engineer at Magnum.
Today Absoft Corporation announced general availability of its new High Performance Computing Software Development Kit (HPC SDK) optimized for clusters based on AMD's (NYSE:AMD) 32- and 64-bit AMD Opteron(TM) processors running Linux and featuring top-performing Fortran and C++ compilers from PathScale.