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Synonyms for compile

Synonyms for compile

put together out of existing material

use a computer program to translate source code written in a particular programming language into computer-readable machine code that can be executed

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Now that we added our targeted architectures, let's compile our game
The premier denied a report that he indicated in a press meeting earlier in the day the government may compile a supplementary budget for fiscal 2002 through next March.
When I founded Black Issues Book Review, I made a decision not to compile a best-seller list.
26 - the valley's water retailers - to compile the plan, which will be created using existing data.
An unexpected bonus though, was compile times which actually dropped by a factor of 2.
Oliver countered that Montez had prepared financial statements--not a trial balance--and must compile these statements.
Cloud Compiling SaaS makes it possible for customers to compile on z/OS more economically - and with fewer staff resources - resulting in:
Compile LotusScript upon Build - Before this new feature was available it was the task of the developer to manually compile all LotusScript.
In the cmi24 product view, users can look at their products with attributes that they can change, compile and search against.