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Both organizations are working to supply the local market with competitively priced aggregate products.
The four firms that were competitively selected have proven records in the energy field and demonstrated a solid understanding of the New York City and Westchester County energy and construction markets, including the delivery of large-scale megawatt reduction projects.
This news release reviews the terms and conditions of these competitively bid contracts and highlights Halliburton's internal control systems that ensure these critical support contracts comply with all government regulations.
Competitive contracting can be done with private firms (which offers significant opportunities for local and minority-owned businesses) or with city and county agencies that have learned how to bid competitively.
The Multimax team's support for the DCC will be provided pursuant to a task order awarded competitively under a Department of State omnibus contract held by Multimax.
The whole idea is that if customers are charged for what they actually used instead of a fixed price tariff, they hope [building owners] will be more responsive to take actions, shop more competitively to mitigate risk and look at usage patterns more carefully to reduce their load at the most expensive time," Wong said.
She was told she would never be able to play competitively again.
economy, competitively priced imports and continued increase in the average miles driven per year, the tire industry set records for shipments in over seven replacement and original equipment (OE) tire markets in 1998.
Organik products will be priced competitively with established domestic fleecewear manufacturers as a result.
Amerinet will negotiate custom contracts and provide access to an array of competitively priced, quality products and services supplied by industry leaders to meet the LHC Group's supply chain needs.
Routes would be competitively contracted, saving money and making it possible to expand services.
Samson Information Technologies, LLC President Michael Goldstein recently told 300 information systems executives how a company can streamline operations, gear competitively for the future of electronic commerce and realize significant savings by incorporating document imaging into its existing computing system.
Zydacron, a privately held company, designs, markets and manufactures a line of competitively priced, full featured videoconferencing Codecs that integrate into PC compatibles capable of running Windows 3.
Several of the more innovative of the Asian manufacturers such as Alco, Jiangkui/ED Digital, Lite-On, and Shinco will add competitively priced HD DVD products to the market, and well-known brands such as Meridian and Onkyo will create HD DVD players as well.
McBain has had an on-again, off-again battle with the ailment since she began running competitively her freshman year.
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