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It is great we as a club can now play competitively.
Anthem is a very good and well-respected company, but a competitively bid contract would have been good for the process and most likely better for the New Hampshire taxpayers.
I think that's what we will see with the Chinese, initially small city cars competitively priced and high quality and as time goes by they will get into the executive class as well.
Competitive contracting can be done with private firms (which offers significant opportunities for local and minority-owned businesses) or with city and county agencies that have learned how to bid competitively.
Members of the NDN offer a common line of high-quality, competitively priced picture frame moulding.
BEING COMPETITIVELY INTELLIGENT CPA firms leaders who know and understand their competitors will thrive in the future.
Communities program are competitively bid and regrets any confusion that may have been caused by its reference to those contracts as "sole-source.
The latest car insurance products are competitively priced and accessible to all; with existing Bank of Ireland clients profiting from extra discounts of up to 25%.
ARCO, a leading safety company in the UK, is launching Arco Essentials; a new range of competitively priced safety products and workwear that can keep workers safe and help businesses save money.
and Innoventive Power have been competitively selected to identify, develop, and implement projects that will produce large-scale peak electric-load reduction in the Con Edison territory.
This contract was competitively procured through the Federal Business Opportunities Web site and the Space and Naval War Systems Command E-Commerce Web site, with one offer received.
Available either uncoated or surface modified, it is priced competitively versus other fine-particle or micronized mineral reinforcements.
She was told she would never be able to play competitively again.
economy, competitively priced imports and continued increase in the average miles driven per year, the tire industry set records for shipments in over seven replacement and original equipment (OE) tire markets in 1998.
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