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  • verb

Synonyms for compete


take part


Synonyms for compete

to strive against (others) for victory

Synonyms for compete

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2-6 at the Santa Clarita Aquatic Center, 24 of the club's swimmers will travel to Bakersfield to compete Thursday through Sunday in the Western Gold Sectional Championships.
Several foundry sources say that due to unrelenting pressure from offshore businesses, it is becoming more difficult to compete head on.
The Japanese automakers and machine tool builders and construction equipment manufacturers have set an unbelievably high standard with which our customers are to compete.
Brown said it is important to keep the program going because it is the only such event that allows runners of all ages and abilities to compete in an informal environment.
The alliance with Bell Nexxia will significantly strengthen MTS's ability to compete in Manitoba as the company offers new leading edge services and continues to maintain and enhance its low cost structure through this agreement.
It's nice to be able to compete against them at their level,'' Reid said.
The counterclaim points out that Bell Atlantic already offers customers the right to choose which carrier will provide their service for interstate or in-state long- distance calling where Bell Atlantic does not compete.
Millen will get a chance to improve upon last year's score when he competes Saturday.
The American Le Mans Series competes on road and temporary street courses in the United States, Canada and an invitational race in Malaysia at the end of the season in November.
However, because the Golden League implemented girls' golf in 1999 - it was originally sanctioned by CIF in 1998 - Corless competes against girls who did.
2 -- color) Lavada Jarnagin, 83, competes in the flying-disc throw on behalf of Antelope Valley Convalescent Hospital.
Invitational tonight when he competes in the 800 meters at the 39th annual event.
If USATF allows Slaney or Farmer-Patrick to enter, the IAAF might threaten to suspend any athlete who competes against them.