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According to the survey, one in three men aged 18-24 (35 per cent) can't competently change a light bulb themselves, in comparison to 29 per cent of females in the same age group.
No-one could think that you would run a business and run it competently and safely having heard your evidence," said Mr Jones.
Debut album Black Heart sticks fairly consistently and competently to a conventional upbeat pop formula, with big synthy choruses and a sprinkling of distorted guitar for added grunt.
EVERLASTING MOMENTS 15, 110mins Old-fashioned Swedish drama is a competently made subtitled tale - set in the early 1900s about a woman (Maria Heisanen) who records her grim life with a camera she wins in a lottery.
The accreditation also shows the dentist has been able to carry out cosmetic procedures safety and competently.
At least one broken arm and some smashed windows were not enough to overpower the skating, however, with hot shoe Nick Trapasso stealing the show, and Harmony, Layton, and the Butcher ripping competently.
In October, Pike & Fischer (Silver Spring, MD) released "Evaluating the Electronic Discovery Capabilities of Outside Law Firms: A Model Request for Information and Analysis," a book designed to help law firms, corporate law departments, records management and IT departments ensure that the legal risks of e-discovery are competently addressed.
But it is possible to communicate science competently without being dull.
The three judges on the panel said they were troubled about whether prosecutors' search for French was timely and whether his possible location was competently explored.
Deftly read by Michael Prichard and competently researched by historians Henrik Eberle and Matthias Uhl, The Hitler Book: The Secret Dossier Prepared For Stalin From The Interrogations Of Hitler's Personal Aides is a simply fascinating portrait of Adolf Hitler which came about as the result of Stalin's orders for its writing whence post war proof of Hitler's suicide was not sufficient enough of a confirmation of his death for the leader of the USSR.
Competently compiled and deftly edited by Leila Peltosaari (currently five years cancer free), Dancing With Fear: Tips And Wisdom From Breast Cancer Survivors is an inspired and inspiring collection of shared advice and real-life experience in surviving breast cancer contributed by 125 women.
Ganser competently narrates the thriller and keeps things moving along.
The modules require candidates to demonstrate the ability to competently perform tasks in up to 10 modules, ranging from Food Hygiene and Product Quality to continuous improvement and auditing.
Samba Party Workout 1: Brazilian Rhythm Celebration is competently hosted by Vanessa Isaac and provides a lively and energetic 35-minute introduction to the amazing and passionate world of Samba dancing.
Trethewey is a technically sound poet who competently uses the blues, sonnets and other traditional forms.