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Synonyms for competency

physical, mental, financial, or legal power to perform

Synonyms for competency

the quality of being adequately or well qualified physically and intellectually

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While the level of proficiency may vary, the competency does not.
However, many competency programs struggle to stay on track.
Competency model so can be seen also as a connecting link between the values of company and the job description.
In the book, some aspects of competency mapping have been just touched-upon or ignored, like Core competencies, holistic aspect of competency, competency clusters, competency proficiency levels, validating assessment which would have otherwise strengthen the subject-content of the book.
This book is divided in to eleven chapters highlighting various dimensions of competency mapping process.
A competency model describes the combination of knowledge, skills and attributes needed for superior performance, and is integrated in the functions of HR, selection, training and development, succession planning and performance management.
Once that is accomplished, this unit should put in place hiring/training systems to design, deliver and manage competency development on a continual basis.
Since then a variety of definitions for global competency, global citizenship, and global awareness have appeared.
The public health core competencies were analyzed at competency level, where as the health education competencies were analyzed at sub-competency level.
The second CACREP competency emphasizes the awareness of one's personal spiritual perspective as important to the counseling process.
Under the agreement, Fuji Xerox Information Systems is delivering Docent Enterprise, an integrated suite of business performance management applications, within its Career Competency Management System (C2MS).
To address this question we need to discuss the definition of core competency and its ramifications in your business.
The insurer has a choice over which components to outsource or treat as e-utilities and which to keep for internal competency or competitive advantage.
To do this, staff members revised their job descriptions and listed specific tasks associated with every competency according to the categories.
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