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Synonyms for compete


take part


Synonyms for compete

to strive against (others) for victory

Synonyms for compete

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and we must do so in a world in which we must compete for every opportunity.
If anyone wants to have a bout with me let him come on, for I am exceedingly angry; I will box, wrestle, or run, I do not care what it is, with any man of you all except Laodamas, but not with him because I am his guest, and one cannot compete with one's own personal friend.
Then Alcinous told Laodamas and Halius to dance alone, for there was no one to compete with them.
When you have to compete with the rich and influential, it will probably be mentioned to you,' said Miss Lavvy, 'in good time.
In the water-beetle, the structure of its legs, so well adapted for diving, allows it to compete with other aquatic insects, to hunt for its own prey, and to escape serving as prey to other animals.
And you are already in the hands of a first-rate London doctor, with whom it would be utter affectation for me to pretend to compete.
His establishment was intended to compete with a trading post of the Northwest Company, situated at no great distance, and to rival it in the trade with the Spokan Indians; as well as with the Cootonais and Flatheads.
States differ on whether continued employment is sufficient consideration to support a promise not to compete where the employment is employment at-will, since the employer can terminate employment at its discretion.
On Tuesday, a total of 927 will compete for 20 positions in Burgas.
Some sellers seem to think that because their attorneys have said non-competes don't hold up that the sellers can legally compete against the buyers.
nonferrous foundry, also notes that workers compensation, health care and energy costs make it more difficult for companies such as his to compete.
By shifting the purchase price from the assets to the covenant not to compete, the taxpayer paid less tax and the acquirer was entitled to greater early tax deductions.
For dancers who compete, steel nerves and an ability to be ready for anything are as important as months of rehearsal and years of classes.