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Synonyms for compere

British term for someone who introduces television acts or cabarets etc

act as a master of ceremonies


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Renowned compere and artist Basit Subhani also spoke on the occasion.
Species Family Biology Diversinervus elegans Encyrtidae Parasitoid Silvestri, 1915 Aloencyrtus saissetiae Encyrtidae Parasitoid (Compere, 1939) Coccophagus basalis Aphelinidae Parasitoid Compere, 1939 Coccophagus brasiliensis Aphelinidae Parasitoid (Compere, 1936) Coccophagus brethesi De Santis, 1967 Aphelinidae Parasitoid (= C.
I was chairman and compere with the accordion club for 14 years and managed to enlist Sheila as secretary in 1991.
As an alternative to tipping we began looking at pumping options," says Graham Fenney, managing director of Compere Systems "We had used Watson-Marlow before for a more conventional syrup pumping application which proved very successful.
He said, "The Englishspeaking compere then asked for six male volunteers so I thought 'Why not?
Featuring Stephen Callagher, Steve Dick, Billy Kirkwood, JoJo Sutherland and rising star Daniel Sloss on compere duties.
He's got some big Brummie boots to fill in his role as compere (PR guru Trevor Beattie was a runaway hit at last year's awards), but we've got a feeling Mr Hemingway has a few surprises of his own up his sleeve.
The show will be compered by Badava Gopi a well known compere from Chennai.
English missionaries Lee and Susannah Compere came to the area of what is now Alabama in 1822, then spent a decade caught up in the tensions between white, black, and Creek Indian cultures.
Autoglass branch manager Neil Turton said: "The compere was taking the mickey and he picked on our table.
Washington Park is the perfect setting, not only for our office space but also as a set for the film," said Shakim Compere, co-producer on the film.
The Ginger Whinger had agreed to compere the night as a "personal favour" to the Beckhams, especially as the event was in aid of charity.
Latifah and Compere also share producing credits on ``Beauty Shop,'' a distaff spinoff of the popular ``Barbershop'' films.
The Miss Durham competition, which guarantees an automatic place in the Miss England finals, will be held between races, and for Northern Racing group MD Rod Street, who will act as compere, it's a chance to relive his past.
Fleming plays a humorous and empathetic down-at-heels compere who bolsters the dancer as she re-enacts three phases of life and finally, wearing a shroudlike garment, presages her own death.