compensatory time

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time off that is granted to a worker as compensation for working overtime

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The ability to offer compensatory time in lieu of money would be a useful tool to help employers manage their cash flow.
If the FLSA does not block a compensatory time oil program, California law permits them for accounting firms' nonexempt employees if 'more than a dozen conditions are met, including:
Find time to take compensatory time off with your manager's approval to help pay off your extra work hours.
Any waiving or postponement of rest breaks - say, to cover "seasonal" busy periods - must be agreed in writing and compensatory time given.
The Tenth Circuit has reinstated the sex discrimination claims of two female Albuquerque police officers who were forced to use sick time for leave they took under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), while men taking FMLA leave were allowed to use compensatory time.
NQDC does not include vacation or sick leave, compensatory time, disability pay or death benefit plans; IRC section 220 Archer Medical Savings Accounts; IRC section 223 Health Savings Accounts or most other medical reimbursement arrangements.
Generally, the only exceptions to this rule are qualified plans such as 401(k) plans, bona fide vacation leave plans, sick leave, compensatory time, disability pay or death benefit plans.
Under section 409A, a nonqualified deferred compensation plan is broadly defined as any plan that provides for the deferral of compensation, except for (1) qualified employer plans (such as section 401(k) plans, pension plans and tax-deferred annuities), and (2) bona fide vacation leave, sick leave, compensatory time, disability pay, or death benefit plans.
A public employee may be given one and one-half hours compensatory time off for every hour of overtime worked.
Certain classes of workers are excluded from the provisions provided compensatory time off is given.
The supplement analyzes the latest legal developments, including what constitutes compensable work time; compensatory time issues involving public sector employees; the production/administrative dichotomy applied to the administrative exemption; whether IT staff meet the computer professional exemption; when meal periods are compensable; and under what circumstances a federal district court will issue a notice to putative opt-in plaintiffs.
HR 1119, the Family Time Flexibility Act would amend the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and allow employees to receive compensatory time off in place of overtime pay.
Stop selling at night or take compensatory time off during the day for the night hours.
The agreement, that arose from the joint NUT-NASUWT 'Cover to Contract' Action, means teachers will be given compensatory time off, by reducing their teaching timetable when supply teachers are available.
The agreement - which arose from the joint NUT-NASUWT Cover to Contract Action - means teachers who cover extra classes will be given compensatory time off when supply teachers are available.