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Simple" is defined as unilateral dysplasia with a normal contralateral kidney with compensatory hypertrophy and no associated genitourinary anomalies detected by ultrasound or physical examination.
CT of the abdomen and pelvis revealed absence of the right kidney (Figure 1) with compensatory hypertrophy of the left kidney.
Incidentally, computed tomography (CT) demonstrated the absence of the left thyroid lobe with a compensatory hypertrophy of the right lobe as a prominent isthmus (figure 1).
Examination revealed a widely patent right nasal airway and compensatory hypertrophy of the middle turbinate (figure, A).
Two factors known to contribute to turbinate hypertrophy or enlargement include compensatory hypertrophy (opposite a deviated septum) and chronic rhinitis of vasomotor, medicamentous, or allergic origin.
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