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affording compensation

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The compensatory amount would be disbursed among the affectees through the Deputy Commissioners of concerned districts, official sources told here on Monday.
The observations of the CAG regarding exemption given to Sasan Power Ltd from acquiring non- forest land for compensatory afforestation are misplaced and bereft of facts," RPower said in a statement.
However, compensatory growth responses could vary depending on several factors such as fish species (Jobling et al.
The other compensatory picks were awarded in draft order to increase the total number of comp picks to equal the number of teams (32).
All of the examples of plant compensatory growth that we have documented (see Figure 2) exceed (sometimes by one or two orders of magnitude) the size ranges described for the species in dichotomous keys.
He explained that the Dawlat al-Qanoon will announce the names of the two members who will get the two compensatory seats after the final election results are announced.
The bill could remove the caps on punitive and compensatory damages in claims made under the Equal Pay Act, thereby providing unlimited monetary remedies for claims; allow for punitive and compensatory damages on unintentional pay disparities; eliminate employer defense for paying people differently because they work in different parts of the country or considering their prior salary history; and make it easier for plaintiffs to become parties to large class actions.
A compensatory award provides compensation for loss suffered as a result of the unfair dismissal.
By Mali Ishtewi Carrying on from where I left off in this corner two weeks ago, I would like to elaborate further on compensatory justice and its limitations.
A new state law authorizes developers--in certain circumstances--to pay a fee to the state in lieu of performing compensatory wetlands mitigation.
She contended that the Supreme Court alluded to the notion of human capital in Glenshaw Glass, where it distinguished taxable punitive damages from damages for personal injury; the latter, it held, are compensatory in nature and therefore not taxable income.
If the warrant is compensatory and does not have a readily ascertainable fair market value, it is not taxable on grant or issue.
lead plaintiff lawyer in the $51 million jury verdict against Merck, said a federal judge's ruling on compensatory damages, in fact, supports the jury's finding of liability and is a "positive development" for his client and others suing Merck.
Sands, Adams, & Stout (1995) found that teacher training in curriculum development and modification was most likely to take place through "on-the-job" experiences and that teachers wanted more training in the areas of curriculum for teaching compensatory skills and life skills.
As important, there are a host of court decisions that provide guidance to distinguish between nondeductible fines and penalties and deductible amounts, such as restitution or other compensatory payments.