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  • verb

Synonyms for compensate

make amends


Synonyms for compensate

to act as an equalizing weight or force to

to give payment to in return for goods or services rendered

to give a satisfactory return to

Synonyms for compensate

make amends for

make up for shortcomings or a feeling of inferiority by exaggerating good qualities

do or give something to somebody in return

Related Words

make payment to

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Buoyancy Compensator devices with a black retaining ring around the yellow inflate button on the inflation mechanism, and an adjoining gray cover assembly (bypass case), which screws onto the inflator, are subject to this recall and must be retro-fitted.
When I get an e-mail order, I can take the specs that come from our software then manufacture the compensator in about approximately 40 minutes," he said.
Two types of solutions, feedforward and feedback compensators, are typically looked for within the MMP.
A look through the Brownells catalog indicated that I could spend $500 or more for a match barrel and compensator if there were no budget constraints.
Remedy: Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled buoyancy compensators and return the two weight pockets to an authorized Aqua Lung dealer to receive a free inspection and free newly-designed replacement weight pocket handles.
The construction of Static Var Compensator (SVC) will play a vital role in the stability of the network and smooth transmission of power in Madinah, Hail and Al-Jouf regions particularly in the time of high demand during summer, Haj and Ramadan," said Arja Talakar, CEO of Siemens Saudi Arabia.
The compensators, which are installed in 40-foot-high cube containers, will stabilise the traction voltage in the network and improve power quality.
4 billion yen order from the United Arab Emirates' Dubai Electricity & Water Authority for two large static volt-ampere reactive compensators, known as SVCs.
Piab has expanded its range of level compensators with the launch of the lightweight LC series.
Conventional wisdom says most compensated firearms--even rimfires--can produce a great deal of unwanted noise because most compensators are designed to expel the gases (and therefore, the noise) toward the shooter.
Their topics include static variation compensators, harmonics, computational tools and programs for designing and analyzing compensators and filters, monitoring power quality, capacitors, and fast Fourier transforms.
CC1 has introduced its APR Automatic Press Re-timing system for automatic pre-positioning of color (unit to unit) and cut-off compensators between job runs.
Southeastern Radiation Products (Sanford, FL) makes compensators, essentially 3D filters made from aluminum or brass that attach to a radiation treatment machine and concentrate radiation specifically on cancerous tissue, saving as much surrounding tissue or bone as possible.
They are very useful as wavelength filters and dispersion compensators in the new wavelength division multiplexed optical fiber communication systems and also make excellent strain sensors that can be networked to obtain distributed strain measurements of large structures, such as bridges and ships.
For Sauer-Sunstrand, the result is two remanufactured Cincinnati 340-20 Twin Grip centerless grinders, adapted with AirTronics precision Inchworm compensators.