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affording compensation

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Two compensative categories of strategy--the work change organization improving strategies and an income security strategy--are built to direct our empirical survey.
In fact, Vallerand (2007b) proposes that there may be at least three types of interactions: facilitative, conflicting, and compensative.
In addition, the final statement of the GCC Summit approved unified laws for anti-dumping and finding the necessary precautionary and compensative measure.
Meanwhile it is the compensative strategies that the ankle dorsiflexion moments and hip extension summit rockets sharply.
Now, we are evolving our agenda to develop an integrated and compensative look of how we will achieve sustainability across the basin to the Great Lakes and St.
The flexible metallic couplings are systems used in power transmissions for several specific main advantages between the similar compensative couplings: great flexibility to assume the possible different deviations and high transmitted power.
These two big scientific discoveries and their success in economic terms will lengthen the oil era and help compensative for the two big challenges facing the petroleum industry: the discovery of a limited amount of giant fields in recent years to make up for the loss in current production, and the issue of pollution, which is worrying public opinion around the world.
With regard to the regulation of survival pathway, using dot blotting, we found cardiac insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) and IGF-1 receptor mRNA levels to be significantly increased, indicating that compensative effects of IGF-1 survival signaling could occur.
Living organisms and cells, which are affected by different environmental factors, including GMF, apparently developed compensative mechanisms of adaptation to this factor.
Alternative compensative sanctions, such as Dia (blood money paid to the relatives of the victim on condition they not ask for a vendetta), are normal substitutes not only in Islamic society but also in customary laws among tribes.