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receiving or eligible for compensation

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Swazuri also denied claims that majority of those who were compensated in 2015 were ghost claimants.
PDMA-PaRRSA has compensated owners of the private houses damaged against militancy, more than two thousand houses were completely damaged, while more than seven thousand were partially damaged in Malakand Division.
Similarly, 479 owners of destroyed viz a viz damaged houses were compensated out of 42729 damaged houses in the province.
BEIRUT: Families that had properties damaged by a car bomb in Ashrafieh last year will be compensated LL5 million, the municipality of Beirut announced Thursday.
In Nigeria, farmers are partially compensated for loss of poultry; however, in the United States, farmers who are part of the USDA program are fully compensated for loss of poultry and equipment.
Trustees are reimbursed for travel expenses and are not compensated for their time.
Consider them if you have bumped into limits to the levels of contributions of highly compensated participants.
An exodus of rank-and-file employees from the qualified retirement plan to the HSA can limit the amount of tax-advantaged retirement funds that highly compensated employees can set aside.
My feeling is that audit committee members should be compensated more than a regular board member," Kropelnicki says.
Therefore, the aluminum windows of the gas container do not act as phase shifter and any misalignment of the container is compensated.
The need for annual IRS nondiscrimination tests that may limit contributions by highly compensated employees (HCEs) were eliminated with the advent of the Safe Harbor 401(k) plan.
4) To fairly compensate employees and avoid the consequences that may flow from miscalculation of wages, administrators must have a working knowledge of who is covered by the FLSA, what activities of covered workers must be compensated, what constitutes overtime under the FLSA, how much a covered employee must be paid for any overtime, and when a police agency can give a covered employee compensatory hours off in lieu of paying overtime wages.
Lead plaintiff Martin Marootian, 87, of La Canada Flintridge, whose mother began trying to collect on a brother-in-law's policy in 1923, said he was pleased that heirs of policyholders will finally be compensated.
165(a), which allows a deduction for "any loss sustained during the taxable year and not compensated for by insurance or otherwise.
Once you've determined which physician-member is best suited to serve as leader, he or she deserves to be fairly compensated not only for the time away from actual medical practice, but for doing the job well.