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for which money is paid

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Additionally, the normal human aging process should not produce a compensable workers' compensation claim under the theory of "repetitive trauma.
Instructive in the debate over compensable emotional distress is the suit in Rockingham County Superior Court filed against the hospital by the estate of a woman who died months after the outbreak.
In Arkansas, carpal tunnel syndrome is specifically categorized as a compensable injury.
ruling that time spent waiting to undergo and undergoing security screenings after work each day is not compensable time under the FLSA.
Part III uses the ethical justifications and the regulatory lessons developed earlier in the article to argue for a morally justified approach to defining compensable research injuries.
Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division says: "At the most basic level, there could be a clear ruling saying the Ninth Circuit is wrong; time going through screenings is not compensable because ifs indispensable.
The court found that under Louisiana law, MCTA's right to collect assessments is not a compensable property interest.
If the injured worker's version of the accident and injury indicates a compensable claim, and there is no reasonable basis or red flag to indicate otherwise, then the adjuster should proceed with accepting the claim and providing benefits as promptly as possible.
The workers' comp system was basically designed to be non-adversarial and for the defendants to properly and honestly pay compensable claims without forcing the injured worker to jump thru needless hoops or file for hearings when benefits are delayed or denied.
non-trespassory government use typically are not compensable under
2) Whether the veteran has a compensable or non-compensable service-connected dental condition or disability
As such, this time was not compensable under the FLSA.
The NICA statute specifies several requirements for bringing a compensable claim under the plan.