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for which money is paid

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Therefore, questions can arise regarding compensable working time if an employer mandates an employee to do something, or if an employee's actions are tangentially connected to his or her principal activity.
43) A survey of international compensation systems reveals four main elements of regulating compensable research related injuries: cause, type, degree, and remedy.
The court held MCTA did not have a compensable interest in loss of assessments from the fourteen properties taken by condemnation.
such regulations often are not compensable under existing takings law.
For instance, a hemorrhage between the skull and scalp sustained by an infant during two unsuccessful attempts at a vacuum-assisted delivery was not compensable even though that subsequently caused a brain injury.
Medical monitoring for speculative injuries or diseases is something that is clearly not compensable as a workers' comp medical expense," wrote Lewis Palca, vice president for workers' comp claims at General Re, in an email to Risk & Insurance*.
6) While the Supreme Court did not explicitly consider the time spent actually donning and doffing--as opposed to time waiting to do that or for walking following it--its tacit confirmation that the time spent doing it is compensable set the law enforcement argument in motion.
The court noted that at the hearing before the JCC, the claimant did not present any evidence to support her claim that a compensable mental injury or nervous injury existed, as a result of her physical injuries.
Bing travels directly from his home in Corvallis to Salem, and the travel time between Bing's home and the Salem office is compensable.
Marginson and French (2007) found a score of 147 correctly predicted discharge status (fit to return to work) in workers with a compensable sub-acute musculoskeletal injury (in any body region) after a 6-week physical therapy work-conditioning program.
Short breaks (five to 20 minutes), however, which are given to employees as a matter of company policy are generally considered to be compensable and to count toward the 40-hour workweek.
These claims raise complex legal issues involving whether a claimed accidental injury is compensable, and if so, the percentage of workers' compensation benefits payable under the workers' compensation statute.
The problem is that referring a customer to the lender, by itself, is not compensable work in HUD's opinion.
As a result, the court sided with the employees and ruled that time spent donning PPE is compensable.
Article 26 governs the pricing of change orders, and as part of the Standard Construction Contract created by New York City in October 2000, the article stated that all job-related insurance costs, including liability insurance, surety bond premiums and workers compensation premiums were dropped as a compensable direct expenses.