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Synonyms for compendium

Synonyms for compendium

a publication containing a variety of works

a concise but comprehensive summary of a larger work

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The compendium also delves into probiotics for the first time, a topic that can be tough to cover, Tortorello said, because methods of creating and testing probiotics "tend to be proprietary.
Although there is a myriad of ways to level up the Compendium and some of them are free, players still prefer to spend extra bucks on batches of Compendium Points to expedite the process.
For more information on the USP Medicines Compendium, please visit www.
In addition to the available test methods, the complete Compendium also contains informative white papers, a comprehensive listing of North American independent contract laboratories, as well as other related resources.
The Checkweigher Software Compendium describes features and software options to ensure easy navigation and optimise checkweighing systems.
In addition to the compendium, FHWA recently added new work zone resources on worker safety to its Web site at www.
At the outset Mrozik presents the two defining approaches to her interpretation of the Compendium.
Martin Herrenknecht, founder and chairman of the board of Herrenknecht, and Werner Suhm, Herrenknecht AG, have written a comprehensive series of five books contained in one text, The Microtunnelling and Pipe Jacking Compendium.
Though not without its strengths, the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church fails to present a clear and concise synthesis of the principles of Catholic social teaching.
American Psychiatric Association practice guidelines for the treatment of psychiatric disorders, Compendium 2006.
Ottawa -- The English and French versions of the long-awaited Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church are now available from the CCCB in Ottawa.
A significant and informative reference for studying the English language, American English Compendium provides readers with an understanding and history of quotes, common proverbs, slogans aphorisms, colloquialisms, medical terms, acronyms, abbreviations and much more.
This article identifies the foundational principles of Catholic Social Thought as set out in the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, and provides an explanation of the meaning and primary implications of those foundational principles.
This compendium of reviews on the human parasitic infection, schistosomiasis, is a timely and much-needed resource for both research investigators and clinical personnel in many scientific and medical fields.
New for 2006 is The National Equine Welfare Council's (NEWC) second edition publication Equine Industry Welfare Guidelines Compendium for Horses and Ponies, which was recently launched at an official presentation attended by Princess Anne.