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Synonyms for compendious

marked by or consisting of few words that are carefully chosen

Synonyms for compendious

briefly giving the gist of something

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While the appellants' experience will in that event have been insupportably painful, they will have endured the consequence of adjudication through due process in accordance with what is compendiously termed the rule of law.
tua, especially if the accusatives were written compendiously with supralineal abbreviations for the m's.
Chief Justice Warren famously remarked: "If anything is to be learned from our present difficulties, compendiously known as Watergate, it is that we must open our public affairs to public scrutiny on every level of government.
The object of this Despatch is to state, compendiously, what those rules or principles are.
440, 442 (1960) ("Legislation designed to free from pollution the very air that people breathe clearly falls within the exercise of even the most traditional concept of what is compendiously known as the police power.
Parr sites this image of the Passion in an extended metaphor of the 'booke of the crucifixe', which she instructs her reader to study, as God 'hath most compendiously written therein, all truth, profitable and necessary for our salvacion' (C.
and more recently and compendiously in an article published in this journal.