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Synonyms for compendious

marked by or consisting of few words that are carefully chosen

Synonyms for compendious

briefly giving the gist of something

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The first chapter is an interesting and a compendious account--Sell's notes are invaluable--of the distinctive British background to the reception of Hegel's work, showing how the influence of the Cambridge Platonists, of Locke, Berkeley, and Hume, of the Scottish Common-sense school, as well as of contemporary scientific studies, evolutionary theories and Romantic trends in literature, gave to British idealism a less unitary or architectonic, and a more (so to speak) `empirical', quality than Continental versions had.
Beck's compendious history of German literature from 1945 to the present fully embraces the task described by its tide.
The weakness lies in the tendency to skate over the materials at a breakneck speed, in order to get everything in: after a time, the compendious succession of exegeses of plots or themes, and summaries of poetic attitudes and styles, can prove a bit wearing.
Karen Smith's The Fabulous Realm is a compendious history of fantasy for children written by an enthusiast for the genre and marking out key stages in its development since the 1780s.
PETER BACON Classical Benjamin Britten Choral and Organ Music: Truro Cathedral Choir Look no further if you need a compendious collection of Benjamin Britten's smallscale choral music.
Chris Wrigley adopts a compendious, chronological approach.
The ensuing chapters on authors ranging from Martin Amis to Jeanette Winterson offer incisive readings, demonstrating a compendious knowledge of these authors from a critic clearly well versed in instructing undergraduates and getting the best from them.
He had, it seems, read everything written on this topic from the Apostolic Fathers to the late works of John Paul II, and his own works on it were compendious, thoughtful, always carefully articulated with the data of the tradition, and for the most part in line with developing magisterial teaching.
This compendious work weaves examinations of a variety of Reformation texts from the Ninety-Five Theses to Paradise Lost into an original historical narrative, which offers the obligatory nods to Derrida and Foucault without embroiling its drive in scholarly one-upmanship or jargon.
Cristoforo Landino (1425-98) had argued for the place of Virgil and Dante in the moral formation of the individual, while Angelo Poliziano (1454-94) and Codro Urceo (1446-1500) celebrated Homer and Virgil as encyclopedic authorities, as compendious as nature itself.
All the same, it's hard to avoid the feeling that Wall continues to rifle through his compendious art-historical and theoretical trousseau for angles of approach in these latest works.
9) Nevertheless, for practical reasons an alphabetic ordering was in fact already employed in 1903 in the widely used Compendious Syriac Lexicon, culled from the Thesaurus, and this system is followed today by all the modem West Semitic lexica.
In such a compendious work, it is inevitable that there will be a few errors, but The Dictionary of 20th Century Book Illustrators has been meticulously edited, and is remarkably free of these in its 456 pages.
The book is so long and so compendious that a brief summary of the argument is out of the question.
Aimed primarily at the advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate, this wide-ranging and clearly-written book offers a judiciously compendious but rich account of the doctrine of substance in the hands of Descartes, Spinoza, and Leibniz.