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Synonyms for compendious

marked by or consisting of few words that are carefully chosen

Synonyms for compendious

briefly giving the gist of something

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There is an inherent irony to a compendious, uniform collection of Dorn's poetry because he was so intent upon the relationships that go into publishing individual books with small presses.
The OED defines a handbook as a "small book or treatise, such as may conveniently be held in the hand; a manual"; also as "a compendious book or treatise for guidance in any art, occupation, or study.
Neither a compendious treatise nor a simple introduction, this fourth edition text aims to present and develop the fundamental concepts in each of the three areas under consideration.
provides a brief but compendious collection of wisdom for interpreting a daily but often mysterious human reality.
It must be added, however, that identical (if not even more pronounced) views about the corruption of the Uthmanic mushaf have been widely available since the time of the Safavids in those well-known compendious and encyclopedic works of Twelver doctrinal consolidation, including hadith collections and Qur'an commentaries.
As an alternative, Cruso describes paper cartridges being used in some instances, for both pistols and carbines, to wit: "But the more compendious way of lading for the gaining of time (which the instant of skirmish is chiefly to be regarded) is by using cartouches.
The books are handsome, compendious, well-produced and good value.
Employing his trademark motifs (hands especially), radical anachronism, and Nouvelle Vague--ish in-jokes (a cafe called Chez Blaise, as in Pascal), and indulging his fondness for casting nonprofessionals somehow related to celebrity (in this case, Caroline Lang, daughter of then minister of culture Jack Lang, who helped get the movie funded), Bresson managed to make his final work a compendious precis of his career, the film's extreme fleetness notwithstanding.
The centrepiece of this extensive scholarly project is a lengthy manuscript treatise entitled A Compendious Discourse of the Principles of the Practicall & Mathematicall Partes of Musick (c.
In light of the compendious scholarship embodied in that project, and given that Yeats's unpublished letters have become available since then in digital form through the InteLex Past Masters database, it adopts a precise and shrewdly restrained editorial strategy.
As its title implies, Tim Fitzpatrick's compendious Playwright, Space and Place in Early Modern Performance offers a detailed analysis of the intricate relationship between Renaissance playwrights and the semiotics of received spatial conventions in theaters like the Globe, the Rose, the Red Bull, the Fortune, and the Cockpit.
This book introduces the quasi Porphyrian trees that serve to structure much of the information Fludd presents (this compendious method of presentation was employed earlier by Artusi in his summary of Zarlino's work).
A Compendious Syriac Dictionary (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1967), pp.
The compendious tutorial for semantic web", Beijing: higher education publishing company.