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Synonyms for compendium

Synonyms for compendium

a publication containing a variety of works

a concise but comprehensive summary of a larger work

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Compendia was founded to create a new generation of software that fulfils the productivity needs of the modern mobile enabled Enterprise.
The eleventh-century scholars who initiated the study of epigraphy created new engraved calligraphy compendia that included authentic stele inscriptions, while those who remained partisans of the Wang style produced edited and annotated re-engraved editions of the material in the Chunhua ge tie.
The NCCN Oncology Policy Summit will examine the use of compendia by public and private payors, looking at issues such as categories of evidence, compendia processes, and availability of data, among others.
Preeminent Assets Widely Used by Leading Pharmaceutical Companies Compendia holds one of the world's largest and most comprehensive sets of mutation profiles, gene expression data and cellular biomarkers that have been gathered from more than 62,000 cancer patients.
Based on our experience working with the top companies pursuing development of cancer treatments, we believe this integrated solution could revolutionize cancer genomics for drug development," said Compendia CEO and Co-founder Dan Rhodes, Ph.
MDS Pharma Services is pleased to collaborate with Compendia Bioscience to develop OncoPredictor(SM), which will help clients developing cancer treatments to do so more effectively and quickly," said David Spaight, MDS Pharma Services president.
In addition to the recurring revenue from customers, Compendia received an additional financial boost from the Michigan's 21st Century Jobs Fund.
We feel Compendia had identified the one truly missing component in Network Management, SNMP Trap analysis," said Steve Yager, VISTA's vice president for managed services.
In the interim, Compendia Bioscience will provide scientific services to answer customers' key research questions requiring Meta-COPA or other analyses not currently addressable through the Oncomine user interface.
Artist Joan Osborne, whose critically acclaimed albums have sold millions, garnered multiple Grammy nominations and inspired legions of loyal fans, has signed an exclusive world-wide deal for her Womanly Hips Records label with independent record company Compendia Music Group.
June 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Compendia Bioscience today announced that it has signed a two-year licensing agreement with GlaxoSmithKline for Oncomine(TM) Enterprise Edition, a value-added product extension Compendia's flagship product, Oncomine.
Compendia Media Group (Compendia), a new integrated media and entertainment company, launched operations today after a unique reorganization that has sustained one of the music industry's largest master recordings catalogs and initiated growth of a new entertainment media brand.
Additionally, Compendia significantly expanded the Oncomine gene expression database in 2007 with cell line panels and drug perturbation studies, areas of specific interest for its customers.
The Cassiopeia PA-2400 is an ideal vehicle for both the Compendia System and PocketChart, providing pre-installed voice and handwriting recognition in a form-factor optimized for physicians.
We are pleased to welcome AstraZeneca to our growing list of major pharmaceutical and biotech customers," said John Freshley, Chief Business Officer of Compendia Bioscience.