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When addressing the jury during summation, end your case compellingly by following these dos and don'ts:
This story has been one of the touchstones of my faith because it speaks so compellingly to the "blindness" of the Holy Spirit to those whom it touches.
O'Brien compellingly describes his team's pursuit of genetic "paw prints" that might reveal why certain creatures succumb to ailments, while others flourish.
However, the compellingly sung fourth act of Il trovatore is quite another matter.
No one even knew that Speak Compellingly was in foal, and to this day the identity of her sire is unknown.
While writers such as Milton and Herbert address some of these ecological upheavals (deforestation, mining, reduction of wetlands, and the eradication of endangered species) specifically, it has been compellingly argued by Leo Marx in his The Machine in the Garden that early-modern pastoral itself, such as Shakespeare's The Tempest, was in part motivated by the ecological devastation in Elizabethan England.
The show was performed in Wales last year and critics have described it as, 'an inspired blend of music, film, design and movement, which enhanced a technically sophisticated compellingly atmospheric and most original solo performance.
I recall attending his compellingly subversive lectures at the Cambridge School of Architecture in the 1960s where, in his mannered, hissing voice, he described Michelangelo's Laurentian Library vestibule as boasting 'a staircase which impedes assent'.
He compellingly sees the new pictorial attachment to run-down hovels as a brief moment in the history of the picturesque.
The story is brought compellingly to the stage in this latest show, which is touring until the spring, and has a cast including David Roper, playing Mr Birling, who people may recognise from parts in EastEnders and Coronation Street.
Jacqueline Woodson, a Coretta Scott King Award winner and author of Sweet, Sweet Memory and We Had a Picnic This Sunday Past, comfortably and compellingly writes about young people who deal with difficult but believable family situations.
Joel Beinin's state-of-the-art survey of subaltern history in the Middle East demonstrates lucidly and compellingly how their lives, experiences, and culture can inform our historical understanding.
It is from this same basic material, amplified and further bedecked, and making use of sources which were not available to Browning, that Derek Parker has reconstructed the real-life circumstances of the case, and in doing so unravels a truly strange tale and brings compellingly to life the colourful secentisimo Rome in which the drama was played out.
From 1,421 anonymous entries, they chose the compellingly simple design of Maya Lin, a 21-year-old student at Yale University.
So, with a well-targeted, compellingly presented product, a developer of luxury housing will achieve higher values in good times, will sell more quickly for the same dollars in shoulder times, and will attract buyers when the competition doesn't in hard times.