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driving or forcing

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tending to persuade by forcefulness of argument

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Some of their plans include joint scientific seminars, a "primer" to help the general public better understand the basic chemistry of global issues and their potential solutions, and training for chemists to communicate compellingly and convincingly.
With a typical life of 20,000 to 40,000 hours, head replacement is significantly reduced and provides customers with a compellingly low cost of ownership.
The idea is simply original, The quotes compellingly touching, and the book overall is a very handy tool for women to stay connected .
Photographer Brown and author Haruf have collaborated to present starkly beautiful and powerful images of the austere landscape and human habitation of the Great Plains--clearly and compellingly conveying that the land has the upper hand.
Playing Politics with Terrorism: A User's Guide is a collection of original, penetrating and compellingly written essays, which challenges all our assumptions about the relationship between democracy and terrorism.
Set in a world where magic is officially denied, even while it is consistently rumored to exist, "Cat's Paw" is an entertaining and compellingly written novel that deftly combines mystery with fantasy.
A compellingly and skillfully presented story about friendship, "Opening Day" is enhanced with age appropriate information about deer habits and habitat, as well as tracking and hunting.
A stark, true portrait of life as a slave, in her own words, compellingly narrated by celebrated poet Nikki Giovanni.
A QUILT OF DREAMS is a passionate novel of change and a top pick for public libraries seeking something compellingly different.
There's no instigator more compellingly ambiguous than the military chaplain.
A simple theme made grand by the literary talent of a man who could write compellingly and with authority, whose stories became popular as they have passed from generation to generation and never going out of print as new readers encountering him for the first time are motivated to read all they can of what he wrote in an extensive lifetime as a gifted novelist.
I was delighted to see that the moderate conservative David Brooks has written a column in The New York Times rifled "Run, Barack, Run," in which he says that the times will "never again so compellingly require the gifts that he possesses.
New Light" by Annette Gilson offers the reader an original and compellingly written excursion into the world of utopian communal living that is a thoughtful, thought-provoking, and consistently entertaining and confidently recommended read.
Today is your chance to effectively and compellingly express it.
They are compellingly captured in an excerpt from War for Wealth: We Global Grab for Power and Prosperity, the book by Gabor Steingart that is a best-seller in Germany--and that attracted the attention of Ms.