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driving or forcing

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tending to persuade by forcefulness of argument

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Continued Hancock, "As more mobile subscribers turn to go2 as a source of information while on-the-go, go2 will continue to offer even broader, more compelling and engaging content and information to mobile phone users.
Roberts wrote that a desire to remain faithful to the international treaty "did not automatically mean that the government has demonstrated a compelling interest" in enforcing the federal drug law against the church's religious use of hoasca.
Communication--internal and external--doesn't effectively employ information-age technologies; there are few compelling big ideas that unify the community; and collaboration can be challenging and difficult.
All are obsessed with the compelling object, despite the dead end limitations already adumbrated.
Taking Scalia at his word, O'Scannlain applied the compelling interest test.
There is strong stylistic and physical evidence at least as compelling as Riess's insistence to the contrary, that the Antichrist fresco was not an integral part of the original plan for the chapel and a key to its proper interpretation, but rather that it was an afterthought (if an unusually fascinating one), the result of a change or refinement of plan occurring around 1502 or 1503.
In addition, ClixSmart's content delivery and rendering features ensure that services are optimally presented on each customer's handset, thus providing a compelling end-user experience.
McConnell wrote that the government had failed to show a compelling interest.
Doctors Without Borders'' is a commendable exercise that fails to emerge as compelling television because it largely deifies its subjects and sanitizes the situations they find themselves in.
The court ultimately ordered a trial on the question of whether the state could show a compelling interest that would permit opposite-sex couples to marry while denying that right to same-sex couples.
ESI believes the new facility's state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities enable ESI to develop solutions with compelling yield advantages for its customers, while addressing their evolving requirements for leading-edge solutions.
The City shall not infringe the right of each person to make choices concerning reproductive autonomy except if proven necessary to achieve a compelling objective.
Hidden Secrets" is a colorful and compelling account of love, friendship, sorrow, regret, conviction, conversion - and ultimately, faith.
Arizona,(1) the United States Supreme Court held that custodial interrogations create a psychologically compelling atmosphere that countermands the Fifth Amendment protection against compelled self-incrimination.
In denying clemency, Wilson said there was no compelling reason to commute Bonin's death sentence to life in prison.