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Synonyms for compelling

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driving or forcing

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tending to persuade by forcefulness of argument

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Georgios Sianos of the Thoraxcentre in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, is presenting compelling results showing the clinical value of AngioJet treatment for coronary thrombus at TCT on Monday, October 23.
This proof-of-concept is a very compelling solution for CE manufacturers who want to offer their customers a much more appealing alternative to viewing static digital images or plain slideshows in sub-optimal quality," said Terence Swee, muvee's founder and Chief Opportunities Officer.
With consumer demand for Internet TV skyrocketing, broadcast and cable television programmers are constantly challenged by the costs and technical complexities associated with rapidly transferring large media libraries online, integrating with existing business systems and workflow processes, and creating compelling and engaging consumer experiences.
With Maven's platform, companies are finally able to use their wealth of video content to create new revenue streams and develop Internet TV channels that are professional, compelling and engaging," said Hilmi Ozguc, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Maven Networks.
Maven Media System gives us the ability to respond to our audience's need for highly interactive and compelling experiences that extend our partnership with online consumers.
By opening our API, and giving developers the tools to easily extend the functionality of TagWorld, we continue the push to deliver valuable and compelling content and application to our growing user base.
The Kaon 3D PDF is a companion product to the Kaon Advisor(TM), a solution that combines compelling 3D interactivity with relevant product information and messaging.
Yet new research shows that most full service firms are leaving new business on the table by not making their case to prospects in a clear, compelling manner.
Product manufacturers, distributors and retailers are able to deliver a rich, engaging customer experience by combining compelling 3D interactivity with relevant product information and messaging, resulting in an experience that is closest to an 'in-store' encounter -- increasing the likelihood to purchase.
Invitation Manager's easy to use, fully integrated contact import, message templates and html editor simplify the process of developing a target list, creating a compelling event invitation, and tracking results to enable organizations to quickly benefit from delivering their presentations and meetings online.
Announced earlier this month, the intent(R) GamePlayer, is a high-performance, fully portable software platform that unlocks the native performance capabilities of the smartphone to deliver a compelling rich media experience.
Nuance speech solutions make users experience more compelling and recently have fuelled a number of successful deployments with leading South African businesses including Discovery Health, MultiChoice, MTN Banking, Airports Company SA and a host of others.
wireless carriers and its numerous mobile, local content websites that provide compelling, easy-to-access and highly targeted information to specific user groups in all walks of life.
The justices reaffirmed that the federal government cannot interfere with religion without a compelling interest.
We were teenagers during the strategically confusing post-Cold War period, and we long for a concise and compelling vision of the future from our defense acquisition leadership.