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Synonyms for compatriot

fellow countryman


Synonyms for compatriot

a person who is from one's own country

Words related to compatriot

a person from your own country

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On compatriotic unions, see Taline Ter Minassian, Erevan: La construction d'une capitale sovietique (Rennes: Presses universitaires de Rennes, 2007), 90.
Compatriotic unions also provided building materials: e.
NGOs like The Aleppo Compatriotic Charitable Organization implemented emergency relief operations to people in Syria and also provided support, mentoring and additional help in exiting the conflict zones and transitioning to the Republic of Armenia.
Sarkis Balkhian, one of the founding members of the Aleppo Compatriotic Charitable Organization, stressed (Personal Interview, 24th of April, 2014) that after it became apparent that the crisis would not be a temporary one, renting apartments remained the main approach for housing, although support was provided in the form of mentoring and later on rent subsidies.
After the initial relief efforts of temporary housing, after 2012 Lina Hallajian (Personal Interview, 13th of May, 2014) points out that there were projects that brought together the Ministry of Diaspora, the Centre for Coordination of Syrian-Armenian Issues, the UNHCR, the Armenian General Benevolent Society and several implementing agencies like Mission Armenia, The Aleppo Compatriotic Charitable Organization, Foundation Komitas Action Suisse-Armenie and others, focusing on providing rental subsidies for Syrian-Armenians.
South Korea's Red Cross told its North Korean counterpart that it will send 10,000 tons of corn, 20 tons of milk powder, and medicine "for infants and children and pregnant women and other vulnerable people on humanitarian and compatriotic grounds," according to a press release carried by Yonhap.
Kim and Hyun talked ''in an atmosphere of compatriotic feelings, remembering the predecessors of the Hyundai Group with deep emotion,'' while Kim expressed gratitude for a gift the chairwoman presented him, the official Korean Central News Agency said.
Kim had "a cordial talk with Hyun in an atmosphere of compatriotic feelings" and "complied with all her requests", the news agency said.
The two sides released a terse joint press statement saying that at the talks ''the two sides shared a common understanding that the relations between the South and the North be elevated to a higher level to accord them with the compatriotic spirit.
Reflected in the decision are the warm compatriotic feelings of the northerners toward the South Korean brothers and sisters.
The South and the North have agreed to continue humanitarian cooperation on the basis of compatriotic feeling and mutual help, and also on the South providing the North with 400,000 tons of rice on credit,'' the statement said.
According to the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNC) in a dispatch monitored in Seoul, Kim had a ''cordial conversation'' with Park Kun Hye and the dinner proceeded in an amicable atmosphere ''overflowing with compatriotic feelings.
Pyongyang's official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said Monday in a dispatch monitored in Seoul that Kim had a ''cordial conversation'' with Park and the dinner proceeded in an amicable atmosphere ''overflowing with compatriotic feelings.
The government's decision to provide fertilizer to North Korea is in consideration of North Korea's food shortages and from a humanitarian and compatriotic standpoint," the statement said.
I am filled with emotions at having been able to feel warm, compatriotic feelings in North Korea after visiting the North through Panmunjom -- the first such visit by a civilian since the division of the nation,'' he said upon his return.