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Synonyms for compatible

Synonyms for compatible

Antonyms for compatible

able to exist and perform in harmonious or agreeable combination

capable of being used with or connected to other devices or components without modification

capable of forming a homogeneous mixture that neither separates nor is altered by chemical interaction

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Browse Report Description with Detailed TOC on "Global MRI Compatible Patient Monitoring Systems Market" at: https://www.
First and foremost, gatekeeping means, simply, that the sales staff should not call on non-compatible accounts and should not quote non-compatible jobs (unless they represent a small fraction of a large package of compatible work which must be quoted as a complete unit).
Looking ahead to 2001, Viger said, "We expect DVD drives that will be on the market then to be compatible with DVD+RW.
The new computers, which range in price from $2,300 to $2,800, come with special electronic cards that make the Mac compatible with the Windows and DOS computer operating systems from Microsoft.
Microsoft sent 120,000 software development kits to manufacturers to help them build software compatible with Windows 95.
0 or higher; supports Novell NetWare, LANtastic; HP LaserJet and compatible printers.
iNAND, which is compatible with the SD([TM]) bus and commands, is designed to support mobile TV, multimedia downloading and other storage-hungry applications on portable systems such as mobile handsets, digital audio/MP3 players, gaming applications, GPS applications, personal media players and PDAs.
Global MRI Compatible Pacemaker Market Prospects to 2019 http://www.
The third JRE targeted at the RedHatLinux/x86 platform includes the ports of: (i) IBM's J2ME-compatible J9VM enhanced to be compatible with the Real-time Specification for Java(TM) (RTSJ); (ii) IBM's Foundation Class Library; and (iii) Apogee-created RTSJ Class Library.
OTCBB: BIPH)(FWB: BTN), a developer of next-generation medical technology, announced today that it will exhibit its extensive portfolio of MRI compatible biomedical device technologies at the Medical Device & Manufacturing (MD&M) West conference, the world's largest trade show for medical manufacturing.
Xerox offers compatible cartridges for approximately 95 percent of HP's LaserJet black-and-white printers.
amp; SEATTLE -- CPU Tech to Offer Specialized Design Services, IP and Advanced System Tools to Facilitate the Development of Compatible Acceleration Solutions for the Most Challenging HPC Applications
Intel Corporation today announced that it will support the latest version of Cisco(1) Compatible Extensions in Intel's next-generation Wi-Fi solution, providing enterprises the assurance that Intel-based devices have been designed to interoperate with Cisco Wi-Fi access points.
LynuxWorks offers customers a complete family of Linux ABI- (application binary interface) compatible embedded operating systems -- from its BlueCat(R) Linux to its flagship LynxOS(R) and LynxOS-178 RTOSes.
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