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a feeling of sympathetic understanding

capability of existing or performing in harmonious or congenial combination

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Bearing in mind that a lack of compatibility has been linked to sexual difficulties (Carey & Purnine, 1997; Rosen & Leiblum, 1988), and that general depression (Nicolosi, Moreira, Villa, & Glasser, 2004) and anxiety (Van Minnen & Kampman, 2000) have been linked to decreases in sexual functioning, it is reasonable to believe that reductions in sexual compatibility ought to be associated with greater sexual depression and anxiety.
The AOK plug-ins address this problem, ensuring efficient and effective IE9 compatibility for web applications.
Through its compatibility with Oracle, Sybase and SQL Server databases, and its embedded deployment mode that supports Oracle-TimesTen applications, the ANTs Data Server allows applications to be moved without the major rewrites and cost usually associated with application migration.
The SD Trio Professional Plus accomplishes this widespread compatibility by utilizing an ATP high speed microSD card along with two different SD adapters and a USB reader adapter.
The VESA DisplayPort Task Group is also working to complete a compliance and interoperability program for DisplayPort connectors, cables and devices to ensure functional compatibility between DisplayPort products.
60 expands its database compatibility with a significant number of new features, including support for the Oracle Call Interface (OCI), a set of APIs used to interact with Oracle databases, as well as new extensions for Sybase and SQL Server.
Select program participation is by Palm invitation only; partner solutions must have successfully completed "Designed For Palm Products" compatibility testing for Select Developer consideration.
6 extends its already impressive database compatibility with more than 100 new compatibility features, including support for the Oracle Call Interface (OCI), a set of low-level APIs used to interact with Oracle databases, as well as extensions for Sybase and Informix.
The compatibility of the ANTs-based Genero db was exceptional, achieving 100 percent compatibility with all the application code and even the stored procedures, which are usually impossible to migrate," said Bryn Jenkins, chief operating officer of Four J's Development Tools, Inc.
PostPath today announced initial customers for and the immediate general availability of the Linux-based PostPath Server, the only Exchange(TM) alternative to deliver drop-in enterprise compatibility, enabling it to integrate seamlessly with Outlook(TM) and today's entire enterprise collaboration infrastructure.
E[acute accent]Azimuth's MIMO Functional Test solution addresses three key areas: interoperability between and among Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) products; performance, including maximum throughput; and backward compatibility to PCs, phones, access points and other legacy devices already in use.
Initially deployed in the Japanese Linux market, the versatile FUJI system augments the Windows compatibility features first introduced in 10D, and offers a desktop computing environment with optimized applications, as well as outstanding safety and stability.
E[acute accent]"We are very excited about the opportunity to show senior IT executives how PostPath's approach to Microsoft compatibility can dramatically lower their infrastructure costs and meet strategic goals for innovative approaches to collaboration," said PostPath's CEO, Duncan Greatwood.
Nasdaq:SMMX) today announced availability of its new Excipient Compatibility system which accelerates important steps in the drug development process for the pharmaceutical industry.
With the new Dual Reflective Layer technology, Verbatim's archival-grade DVD-R media delivers substantially higher durability than standard DVD-R discs and provides the same level of excellent read/write compatibility that users have come to expect from Verbatim media.