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a feeling of sympathetic understanding

capability of existing or performing in harmonious or congenial combination

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Bearing in mind that a lack of compatibility has been linked to sexual difficulties (Carey & Purnine, 1997; Rosen & Leiblum, 1988), and that general depression (Nicolosi, Moreira, Villa, & Glasser, 2004) and anxiety (Van Minnen & Kampman, 2000) have been linked to decreases in sexual functioning, it is reasonable to believe that reductions in sexual compatibility ought to be associated with greater sexual depression and anxiety.
The whole DVD industry will benefit greatly from the fact that recording and playback compatibility can be examined in these tests using the hardware from major manufacturers in the industry," said Mr.
The AOK plug-ins address this problem, ensuring efficient and effective IE9 compatibility for web applications.
We're delighted that the DOS Compatibility Card for Power Macintosh 6100 supports NetWare," said Richard King, executive vice president, NetWare Systems Group for Novell, Inc.
Through its compatibility with Oracle, Sybase and SQL Server databases, and its embedded deployment mode that supports Oracle-TimesTen applications, the ANTs Data Server allows applications to be moved without the major rewrites and cost usually associated with application migration.
60 expands its database compatibility with a significant number of new features, including support for the Oracle Call Interface (OCI) and expanded support for Oracle's PL/SQL stored procedure language and PL/SQL Packages, as well as new extensions for Sybase and SQL Server.
LDAP compatibility allows access to corporate e-mail address directories and enables documents to be easily sent within a company
an industry leading manufacturer of flash media storage products, announced the release of the SD Trio(TM) Professional Plus flash card, the world's most consumer friendly flash storage product allowing for full high speed compatibility with all three SecureDigital formats (microSD, miniSD, and SD) and USB in a single package.
Compatibility with HDMI and DVI is also possible with DisplayPort products.
60, which is packed with new compatibility, performance and management improvements.
New services include a support library to answer developer questions, and a "Designed For Palm Products" compatibility test and logo program to help validate that the mobile solutions are compatible with Palm devices.
6 is packed with hundreds of new compatibility, performance and management improvements, additional international localizations and support for real-time Linux and Windows x64 operating systems.
Genero db was chosen because of its high level of compatibility with the application, which had already been deployed company-wide, and because of significantly lower total cost-of-ownership.
PostPath today announced initial customers for and the immediate general availability of the Linux-based PostPath Server, the only Exchange(TM) alternative to deliver drop-in enterprise compatibility, enabling it to integrate seamlessly with Outlook(TM) and today's entire enterprise collaboration infrastructure.