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applied to refugees from Darfur and other African disaster areas (Weiss 2007), and evoked to reproach the compassionless nature of modern market economy (R.
Winter, former assistant administrator for the Bureau for Democracy, Conflict and Humanitarian Assistance for the US Agency for the International Development and former Special representative of the US deputy Secretary of State for Sudan, writing in the Mediterranean Quarterly in 2007 said the following extracts from his article about the NCP: "Sudan's NCP is controlled by an intellectually capable, radically committed, conspiratorial, compassionless nucleus of individuals, long referred to as National Islamic Front (NIF).
ff, abandonatamente) The callous heartless heedless reckless cheerless shameless ape, The ruthless clueless senseless restraintless compassionless merciless ape, The taking-it-all-for-me self-absorbed always-playing-the-victim innocence-claiming never-reflecting sanctimonious double-tongued ape:
Following a piano transition, the rhythm alters, matching the intensity of the poetry that describes the revelation of a compassionless lover.
If we are to break free of a compassionless policy that supports torture, oppression and greed, our leaders, our government officials and CEOs, our movers and shakers, and the average citizen, need to be reminded of the range of their humanity.
Would you prefer an ordinary but caring surgeon or a compassionless but brilliant one?
When surrendering to Caesar her treasures, Cleopatra spoke with a Chechen accent and, together with her women, clutched photographs of her property in the all too familiar manner of desperate Chechen women shaking the pictures of their slain or missing loved in the face of their compassionless conquerors.
There are a multitude of general and specific reasons why the world's two most prominent authoritarian martial police states, Russia and China have performed disparately during the past 25 years, but the persistent influence of antithetic economic cultures is fundamental: Russia's predicated on anticompetitive, socially compassionless rent-granting (the Muscovite proclivity), and China's on pro-competitiveness, and the Confucian ethos.
While the idea of "caring less" may fit into some notion of a compassionless, empirical science envisioned as oppressive, in actuality Elaine desperately needs (and in fact yearns for) objective distance.
Although the story of development on the Narmada has many facets, at its core is a story of compassionless dislocations of the local population, incredible mismanagement, and a lack of support for those most affected by the projects.
It is they who violate state laws they don't agree with and refuse to recognize the authority of the state courts if the court's judgment goes against their compassionless insanities concerning human life.
Little is said, however, about Lumet's facile conflation of the Holocaust with the crime and squalor in Harlem, or the negative stereotype of the Holocaust survivor as an embittered and compassionless individual.