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Synonyms for compassionately

in a compassionate manner


References in classic literature ?
Friend Tobias," inquired the old man, compassionately, "hast thou found no comfort in these many blessed passages of Scripture?
It is impossible, George, not to feel compassionately toward this poor woman.
Never mind, my good girl," the Saint said, compassionately.
His next words were spoken compassionately rather than coldly--that was all.
It is just breaking Sara's heart that she can't," said Cecily compassionately.
Lady Lundie shook her head compassionately, and smiled with angelic sadness.
The Englishman started, and looked compassionately toward the bed.
That man is clean crazy on the subject of his life-book," said Miss Cornelia compassionately.
He did not understand why the old princess took his hand, and looking compassionately at him, begged him not to worry himself, and Dolly persuaded him to eat something and led him out of the room, and even the doctor looked seriously and with commiseration at him and offered him a drop of something.
He put an arm round each of his sister's waists, and, looking compassionately backwards and forwards between the Diamond and me, said, "Carbon Betteredge
The solemn man-servant of the night before met me wandering among the passages, and compassionately showed me the way to the breakfast-room.
My good fellow,' returned his father more compassionately than ever, 'if you made no appearance, how could you possibly succeed in the pursuit for which I destined you?
My own Little Dorrit,' said Clennam, compassionately.
Don't hurt him,' said the old gentleman, compassionately.
If this,' he added, looking upwards, 'is the beautiful creation that springs from ashes, let its peace prosper with me, as I deal tenderly and compassionately by this young child